Student Initiative Award


The Mr and Mrs Kwok Chin Yan Award for Student Initiative is an annual award that recognises student initiatives which have made significant contributions towards enhancement of student life, the improvement of the campus environment or the betterment of the larger community in the preceding year.

​Winner​s will receive the following:

  1. Certificate
  2. Cash award of $2,000
    • 50% of the cash award may be used at the student organisation's discretion
    • The balance of 50% of the cash may be used at the discretion of the team members whose names are listed on the nomination form

To be eligible for this Award, the nominated student initiative must belong to student organisations that come under the purview of the Student Affairs Office. 

Student organisations that have faced disciplinary actions in the last two years will not be eligible to receive the Award.

Student initiatives nominated for the Award must have taken place in the preceding Academic Year. ​

Nomination requires the endorsement by the respective President of the student organisation AND a Nominator, who can be a staff, faculty member or student leader of a different student organisation. Late submissions will not be entertained and all received Forms will be treated as final and cannot be amended.

Self-nominations are not allowed.

For nomination forms and to read about some frequently asked questions, please visit our intranet page here.


Nomination PeriodBetween June and August
Award CeremonyOctober


For a detailed timeline, please visit our intranet page here.

Nominations will be evaluated by a panel consisting of at least two staff/faculty members and one immediate past student leader.

Student organisations may also consider to apply for the CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society, that seeks to recognise and motivate students who have made meaningful contributions in community service, or in environmental protection. Click HERE to read more.


Further questions about eligibility and nomination process should be directed to Student Organisations Team.

2023 Winners


Earthlink NTU - Green for Good & NTU Wildlife Etiquette Handbook

Green For Good is the highly anticipated flagship event of Earthlink NTU! This year, Green For Good revolves around four key pillars: Food Sustainability, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Living, and Sustainable Finance.

With a total engagement of 10,000 with 69 partners, the overarching goal of this month-long initiative is to engage, educate, and empower the community both within and beyond NTU, inspiring everyone to contribute towards creating a better and more sustainable world.
With the launch of NTU Wildlife Etiquette Handbook, NTU residents and visitors are well-equipped to handle wildlife encounters even in the absence of experienced professionals. To date, 1600 views of the handbook and ongoing, Earthlink hopes everyone can co-exist with the wildlife.


NTU Cultural Activities Club - Arts from the Heart Carnival: Youniverse

Held at PLQ Plaza, PLQ Mall, the Arts From The Heart (AFTH) Carnival is a special project by the NTU Cultural Activities Club (CAC) that blends the cultural activities of NTU with philanthropy, championing mental health awareness and support.

This year, our focus highlights the crucial work of the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), engaging the community through various forms of performances by our very own CAC Member Clubs and Hall Jam Bands.
AFTH 2023 raised a total sum of $12,500 for the beneficiaries, engaging over 200 performers from 16 CAC member clubs and 11 Hall Jam Bands, and involving 80 volunteers from NTU.


Special Mention: NTU Graduate Students’ Association - “Career Conversations” Talk Series

The "Career Conversations" talk series was launched by the Career Committee of NTU Graduate Students’ Association, creating a dynamic platform entirely driven by student members featuring a variety of engaging events, including motivational talks, career sharing sessions, industry tours, and insightful discussions.
Distinguished speakers, including professors, postdoctoral fellows, and staff from leading companies such as LinkedIn, TalentLink, GlobalFoundries, Analog Devices, HILTI, and Proofpoint, were invited to NTU for discussions with students.

These events provided valuable insights into diverse career paths, igniting motivation and inspiring participants to pursue excellence, thereby enriching the academic and professional journeys of everyone involved.

2022 Winners


NTU Students’ Union - Let’s Talk Initiative: Gender Equality Video Series

The NTUSU #Let’sTalk Initiative is spearheaded by the 30th NTU Students’ Union Executive Committee, aimed at sparking discussions on pertinent issues faced by youth. The video series aimed at discussing the issues of Gender Equality and Women’s Development from a ground up consensus approach led by youths, and to encourage Singaporean youth to take an active role in levelling Gender Equality in Singapore. The videos were released on NTUSU’s Instagram and Youtube channels, with distinguished panelists including MOS Sun Xueling, Dr Maliki Osman and Professor Chan Heng Chee.


Earthlink NTU - Green For Good 2022

Green For Good is Earthlink NTU’s annual sustainability carnival which aims to engage and encourage the NTU community to take individual actions to create a more sustainable future. Green For Good 2022 revolves around three themes, Food Sustainability, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living.

In 2022, Green For Good 2022 saw a total engagement of 10,000 over 20 initiatives, including field trips, nature walks, and workshops, in partnership with 74 organisations.