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Launched in May 2016 by the Office of Education Research (OER) at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, OER Knowledge Bites aims to share education research discussions and issues as seen in the Singapore context. It also serves as a platform for sharing thoughts and concepts of education research with policymakers, educators and the public.

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Published: November 2023

OER-AST Research Webinar on 23 March 2023


Keynote 1 by Assoc Prof David Ng


Keynote 2 by Asst Prof Marcus Tan


Keynote 3 by Dr Melvin Chan 

Keynote 4 by Mr Melvin Chng 



Published: August 2023

OER-AST Research Webinar on 2 November 2022

Keynote 1 by Assoc Prof Suzanne Choo


Keynote 2 by Dr Teng Siao See 

Keynote 3 by Dr Phillip Towndrow 

Keynote 4 by Ms Junaidah 

Published: November 2022

Published: November 2022

Published: February 2022

OER-AST Research Webinar on 23 September 2021

Keynote 1: Improving SEN students' engagement in the classroom (SETT Framework) 


Keynote 2: Facilitating the learning of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Keynote 3: “Careless”, “lazy”, “unmotivated” - When what you see is not what you get 

Published: November 2021

OER-AST Research Webinar on 14 July 2021

Research Findings on Inquiry in Classrooms: Implications for Teaching and Learning 


CORE 3 Research Programme Findings on Inquiry-based Teaching & Learning 


Inquiry and Primary Science Learning Experiences: Insights and Potential 


Hands-on and Minds-on Learning of Science using a Microbial Fuel Cell 


Inquiry-Based Learning in Geographical and Environmental Education 


Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation in Singapore Classrooms 


Fulfilling Inquiry Based Learning in Singapore Mathematics Classrooms 

Published: August 2021

Published: May 2021

OER-AST Research Webinar on 26 September 2020

Classroom Support for Students with SEN: What do we know and what else can be done? 

SHOW ME HOW - Helping students with special educational needs access learning by Ms Sarina Kaur 

Supporting students with special educational needs breakout 3 - Behavioural Assessment 

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