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The Singapore Centre for Character and Citizenship Education was officially launched at the Teachers’ Conference and ExCEL Fest (TCEF) on 30 May 2023.

The Centre seeks to advance professional learning and research in Character and Citizenship Education to support the development of children and youth in Singapore and beyond.

Our purpose is to:

  • Conduct CCE-related educational research to inform policy and practice and be a nexus for research, practice, and theory in CCE, with greater emphasis on practice and pedagogy in the Singapore context;
  • Provide leadership for effectiveness, coherence and intentionality of CCE-related courses/programmes in NIE;
  • Collaborate with schools to explore, develop, and promote new and innovative ways to enhance learning in CCE; and
  • Provide thought leadership and expand expertise in CCE by forming learning communities and bringing together experts as consultants and collaborators in research and PD, both locally and internationally.
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Setting up the Singapore Centre for CCE shows MOE’s unwavering commitment to nurture holistic, future-ready children and youth who can thrive in a turbulent world. I hope that the Centre will lead the way for CCE and signal its importance not just in our education system, but even in our larger society and beyond our shores.

Mr. Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education
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Refer to our brochure for more information about us and our journey!

Singapore Centre for Character and Citizenship Education Logo

SCCCE logo
The logo of the Centre is based on the iconic Tembusu overlooking Swan Lake at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. A native of Singapore, it is at least 150 years old and was designated as a “heritage tree” under the Heritage Tree Scheme in 2002. The distinctive low-lying branch growing out from the main trunk gave Singaporean artist Eng Siak Loy the inspiration for the design of Singapore’s five-dollar note in the Portrait series issued in 1992.

A large evergreen tree that can grow up to 30 metres in height, the Tembusu can flourish even in poor soil conditions. Its wood is durable and resistant to termite attack and was commonly used for building houses and bridges and making furniture and chopping boards. When Tembusu flowers bloom twice a year, they give off a strong sweet fragrance in the evening, thus giving rise to its scientific name Cyrtophyllum fragrans. A young Tembusu starts off with a conical crown but will eventually mature into a towering tree with a canopy that provides excellent shade.

The Tembusu represents strength, resilience and growth. Our logo draws inspiration from these qualities to symbolise our commitment to nurturing the young generation's fundamental values and social-emotional competencies. We strive to provide a solid foundation for their growth, ensuring they blossom in well-being and character and become responsible citizens.

Professional Development

Character and Citizenship Education in the Singapore Context


This course seeks to give pre-service teachers an appreciation of why CCE is central to education, what CCE means and includes, and how CCE can be promoted. Specifically, the course will challenge participants to understand the importance of CCE and their role in supporting CCE. It does these by attending to the social context of education in Singapore. Importantly, participants will also acquire and apply facilitation strategies to support students’ learning in CCE. 

Exploring the HeART of CCE


This course aims to deepen teachers’ conviction and competencies to facilitate student learning in CCE, and to cater for the diverse needs of students through building a caring and enabling school environment. 

Participants will examine some emergent trends and their impact on students’ social-emotional well-being and character and citizenship development. Participants will explore some ways to foster a sense of belonging and an appreciation of diversity so as to create a caring and enabling school environment. Participants will also learn about some central concepts in CCE to develop a shared understanding on what we hope to achieve through CCE. To strengthen the ability to facilitate students’ learning in CCE, they will also be introduced to CCE pedagogy and strategies to facilitate discussions on contemporary issues.

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Singapore Centre for Character and Citizenship Education
National Institute of Education
1 Nanyang Walk
Block 2, Level 1, Room: NIE2-01-03
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