NIE Research Brief Series


The NIE Research Brief Series was conceived as a channel for communicating NIE’s research findings to policymakers, school leaders and researchers. The Research Briefs is aimed at research-to-practice translation, that is, the dissemination, implementation and diffusion of research findings that impact policy and practice. By clearly articulating the research in terms of its implications for policy and teaching practice, we hope to inform decisions on education in Singapore.

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The research brief series numbers are identified as (Year Published)-(Series Number). For example, 15-002 refers to: series number 2 and published in 2015.

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22-027 (CRCD 01/21 SH): Review of International Early Childhood Education Projects: The Instruments, the Design, and the Significant School and Home Predictors

22-026 (OER 08/19 KKH): Mindfulness in Schools: Global Research on Child Outcomes and Local Perceptions, Practices, and Needs

22-025 (OER 03/19 SBQ): Leisure Reading in Two Languages: Reading Habits and Preferences of Bilingual Children in Singapore

22-024 (DEV 01/20 CPH): Development of a Tool for Decision Making on Subject Placement in Secondary Schools

22-023 (OER 07/19 DMM): Ratio Reasoning and Kindergarteners’ Math Ability

22-022 (DEV 02/18 EK): Towards the Scalability Readiness of WiREAD+

22-021 (OER 02/19 KTHK): Secondary Teachers’ and Students’ Experiences of Assessment Feedback

22-020 (DEV 02/17 XHC): Parents’ Rating and Teachers’ Rating on Young Children’s Development: Agreements and Discrepancies

22-019 (OER 33/17 JH): Teacher Learning with Classroom Assessment in Singapore Primary Schools

22-018 (OER 11/19 FYP): Teacher Resilience in Singapore: Insights from a Mixed-methods Study

22-017 (OER 06/19 TLY): Creating Lifelong Learners: Investigating Metacognition as Support for Learning and Learning Transfer

22-016 (OER 05/19 COH): The Effect of Problem Solving First vs Explicit Instruction First on Math Learning

22-015 (OER 01/19 LSS): A Study on a Model of In Situ Professional Development: Contexts, Conditions and Impact

22-014 (DEV 01/19 TBC): Maker-Centered Multidisciplinary Learning – Preparing Future Ready Learners in Singapore Schools for Learning to Learn

22-013 (AFD 06/17 CBH): By Teaching We Learn

22-012 (OER 24/17 HS): Effectiveness of Teacher Leaders in Singapore: Context, Construct and Causality

22-011 (OER 19/17 LKE): Building a Culture of Collaboration and Listening Pedagogy in Classrooms through Lesson Study for Learning Community (LSLC): An Exploratory Study in a Primary School in Singapore

22-010 (OER 09/17 CYL): Impacts of a Socio-Cognitive and Motivation-and-Learning (SCML) Approach on Students’ Writing Quality and Reception of Self-Directed and Collaborative Learning

22-009 (OER 03/17 RDR): Fostering 21st Century Competencies among Lower Progress Learners

22-008 (OER 32/17 TYC): Facilitating Flow in Band: Learning with Joy in the 21st Century

22-007 (OER04/18 MT): Using Immersive Technology for Social and Emotional Learning

22-006 (AED 03/17 WLH): Bridging Self-Directed Learning and Collaborative Learning to Nurture Chinese Language Communicative Skills of Young Pupils

22-005 (OER20/17TTL): Calculus for Teaching and Learning (CASTLE): An Exploratory Study

22-004 (AFR 01/17 MK): Exploring Domain-Specific Creativity

22-003 (AED 04/17 MC): Using Curriculum-Ideas Analytics to Promote Student Agency in Collaborative Discussion

22-002 (OER 10/18 LCK): How to Bring Computational Thinking into Mathematics Classrooms: Designing for Disciplinary-Specific Computational Thinking

22-001 (OER 23/17 CCY): CORE 2018: A Quantitative Study of Teaching and Learning in Singapore Classrooms

21-022 (OER 21/17 ISC): Nurturing Positivity and Resilience in Singapore Schools: Development and Evaluation of an Arts-Based Positive Psychology Intervention Toolkit

21-021 (OER 34/17 TSS): Navigating Diversities and Differences in Singapore Schools: An Exploratory Study of Singapore’s Students’ Intercultural Mindedness

21-020 (OER 29/17 MM): “Sebutan Baku Sounds Nicer but the Other Pronunciation Sounds More Natural”: Secondary Three Malay Language Students’ Relationship with Sebutan Baku

21-019 (OER 27/17 KKT): A Study on the Implementation Status of the Physical Education Syllabus 2014 in Singapore Schools

21-018 (OER 25/17 TTW): Science Teachers and Teaching of Special Education Needs Students

21-017 (OER 09/16 WLY): The Influence of a Collaborative PD Programme on Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Its Sustainability in Teaching Low Progress Learners

21-016 (SUG 12/18 KPW): Acquiring Expertise in Precision Sports – A Case in Cue Sports

21-015 (DEV 03/17 EK): Developing My Groupwork Buddy for Geography (MGBGeo)

21-014 (AFD 07/17 TPL): CoVAAPD for Enhancing Teacher Professional Development in Physical Education

21-013 (OER 02/18 JH): Diffusing Education Innovations at Different Levels of the System: Perspectives from Ecological Leadership

21-012 (OER 07/17 CWL): Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation with Automated Assessment for Science Learning

21-011 (AED 03/17 WLH): Bridging Self-Directed Learning and Collaborative Learning to Nurture Chinese Language Communicative Skills of Young Pupils

21-010 (OER 02/17 HTT): Differentiated Instruction: Ten Teachers’ Implementation in Singapore

21-009 (AFR 03/17 TLS): Examining Teachers’ Conceptions and Use of Reflection to Understand their Practice

21-008 (OER 04/17 OBA): Technology-based Tools for Teaching Early Literacy Skills: A Multimethod Approach with Learning Simulations and Intervention

21-007 (OER 17/17 SH): Preschoolers’ School Engagement with Teacher’s Questions and Comments during Interactive Book Reading: A Child-centered Approach Using Electro-dermal Bracelet

21-006 (OER 221/17 CSL): A National Survey of Literature Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices

21-005 (AFD 01/17 SR): Developing Teachers’ Topic-specific Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in Secondary Physics

21-004 (OER 14/17 NEL): Transitioning from Kindergarten to Primary School: Exploring the Links between Children’s Self-regulation Skills, Socio-emotional Competence and Academic Outcomes

21-003 (AFR 04/16 TTL): Scaling UP the Education Research: MAGICAL (SUPER-MAGICAL): Use of Comics in Teaching Mathematics

21-002 (OER 13/17 CM): Development of a Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) for the Activities and Participation Rating Scale (APRS) in Singapore

21-001 (OER 08/17 VC): Digital Storytelling for Character and Citizenship Education: A Knowledge Forensics Approach


20-031 (AFD 02/16 SR): Incorporating Nature of Science Elements in A-level Physics Lessons in Singapore

20-030 (OER 31/17 NYH): Development of the Youth-Theory of Mind (Y-ToM) Singapore Version

20-029 (AFD 03/17 VA): Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment System (CoDiAS) for Singapore’s Secondary Schools: Toward Individualized Learning and Assessment in Language Education

20-028 (OER 08/18 LEL): Building an Evidence-Based to Support Teacher Growth: A Career-Long Perspective (Phase I)

20-027 (OER 05/17 KYH): Syntactic Resonance in Child-Caretaker Interaction and Children’s Peer Talk

20-026 (OER 10/17 KBK): Core 3 Research Programme: Baseline Investigation of Subject Domain Pedagogies in Singapore’s Primary and Secondary Classrooms (C3-PP)

20-025 (OER 30/15 KL): Working Memory Training and Math Achievement: Evidence From a Large-Scale Intervention in a Real Learning Environment

20-024 (OER 18/17 WLK): Bridging School-based Formal and Informal Learning Spaces: A Case of Advancing Interest-driven Education in Singapore Schools

20-023 (OER 16/17 YPD): Immigrant Teachers in Singapore Schools: Demographic Profiles and Self-reported Social and Professional Integration

20-022 (AFD 02/17 KTS): The Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament Fosters Teachers’ and Students’ Orientation Towards the Practices of Science

20-021 (OER 31/15 BK): Pedagogical Practices of Secondary School Mathematics Teachers

20-020 (AFR 01/16 SAJ): An Exploration of Children’s Experiences of Learning English and Mathematics at School and Elsewhere in Multilingual, Postcolonial Singapore

20-019 (OER 12/17 NWL): Flipped Linear Algebra and Calculus for Pre-Service Teachers

20-018 (AFD 04/16 VV): Using Demonstrations to Explain Abstract Science Concepts: Hands-on and Online Demonstration-Based Pedagogy for Enhancing Student Engagement in Physics

20-017 (OER 5/16 LCE): Building a Reading Culture: A Nationwide Study of Reading and School Libraries in Six Secondary Schools

20-016 (OER 15/17 LSS): Teacher Inquiry about Pedagogical Practices: A Case Study of a Singapore School

20-015 (OER 08/16 CCH): Is there a Learning Progression for Learning the Climate Change Topic in Geography?

20-014 (OER 23/15 CBL): Problem-based Learning: A Study on its Impact on Learners’ Motivation, Strategy Use, Learning Processes and Academic Achievement

20-013 (OER 28/17 TCL): Uncovering What Matters in Collaborative Learning: Impact of Teachers’ Engagement in Analytics to Bring About Knowledge Building Discourse

20-012 (AFD 05/16 WLH): Streamlining the Designs of Seamless Science Learning for Wider Diffusion

20-011 (AFD 05/17 ZW): Enhancing Maths Curriculum Through Team-Based Learning

20-010 (OER 26/15 VV): Bilingualism and Biliteracy in Preschoolers: A Longitudinal Home-School Transition Study

20-009 (OER 30/17 HPY): Vice-principals in Singapore: Key leadership roles, enablers and constraints

20-008 (OER 26/17 KN): Parents’ Perceptions of “Play” and “Holistic Development” in the Early Years

20-007 (OER 09/15 EK): Measuring and Nurturing Teamwork Competency through a Computer-supported Creative Collaborative Problem-Solving Programme

20-006 (OER 14/16 AGP): Teachers as Adult Learners: Effecting Professional Development and Teacher Change in Primary Chinese Language Teaching and Learning through Variation Theory and Multi-Perspectival Reflective Dialogue

20-005 (AFR 01/18 AB): Towards Responsive Professional Development for Singapore Music Teachers: Phase 3: Investigating Efficacy of Video-Based Professional Development

20-004 (OER 16/16 SLH): Fostering Science Teachers’ Language Awareness: Exploring the Impact on Teachers’ Oral Interactions with Students to Support Science Writing

20-003 (AFD 06/16 CY): Model-based and VR-enabled Teaching and Learning for Biomolecules

20-002 (OER 24/15 MK): Effects of School-based Intervention Programmes in Promoting Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity During Leisure Time

20-001 (OER 07/16 SM): Physiological Workload, Musculoskeletal Injuries and Dysfunctions Amongst Physical Education Teachers in Singapore Schools—A Prospective Investigation


19-033 (OER 10/16 TTW): “We ‘Own’ the Teachers”: Understanding Subcultures of Singapore Lower Track Science Classrooms

19-032 (OER15/16 KKT): The Use of Information Communication and Technologies Tools to Maximize Students’ Learning in Physical Education in Singapore Schools

19-031 (OER 13/16 HS): Animated Electronic Storybook and Mandarin Learning

19-030 (OER 22/15 JW): Factors Influencing Teachers’ Use of Motivational Strategies in the Classroom

19-029 (OER 28/15 ISC): Lessons from Resilience-Nurturing Environments: Classroom Practices of Turnaround Teachers

19-028 (OER 14/15 GEP): Perspectives of Stakeholders on Youth with Intellectual Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood

19-027 (OER 01/16 CBL): Constructing An Exemplary Mathematical Justification: Why Is It So Hard for Mathematics Teachers?

19-026 (DEV 01/17 LYT): Mathematical Learning Through Portable, Programmable Robots

19-025 (DEV 02/15 LDP): The Intermental and Intramental as Areas for Professional Learning: Teachers Developing Concept-Based Curricula to Engage Diverse Learners

19-024 (OER 02/16 LSS): Characterising Situated Professional Development for Diffusing Innovations in the Singapore Education Landscape

19-023 (OER18/15 JH): Teachers’ Engagement in Lesson Study for Learning Community: Shaping Teachers’ Beliefs about Students from Disadvantaged Social Backgrounds

19-022 (OER 08/15 KKH): Effects and Mechanisms of a Deep Breathing Intervention for Test Anxiety: An Exploratory Study on the Use of Mobile EEG Headsets in Educational Research

19-021 (OER 04/16 LCK): Researching and Developing Pedagogies Using Unplugged and Computational Thinking Approaches for Teaching Computing in the Schools: How to Teach Computing Without Computers?

19-020 (OER 12/16 VS): Differentiation as a Means to Inclusion

19-019 (DEV 01/16 CGG): Improving Disciplinary Literacy by Developing Vocabulary and Grammatical Profiles

19-018 (AED 01/17 CKM): Harmonia-on-the-Go: Mobile App for Learning Music Harmony

19-017 (AFD 07/16 ZW): Developing a Translating Educational Neuroscience Clearinghouse for the Differentiated Instruction of Diverse Learners

19-016 (OER 12/15 CCD): Perceptions, policies and practices: Assessment for learning in the Singapore context

19-015 (OER 06/16 LEL): Supporting factors to effective beginning teacher mentoring: An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in Singapore

19-014 (OER 13/15 KBK): Seeing Self-Assessment and Teacher Feedback through Students’ Lenses: Implementation of Self-Assessment and Investigation of Feedback in Lower Primary Classrooms

19-013 (OER 15/15 CL): Exploring the Designing of a Growth Mindset Curriculum in a Singaporean School

19-012 (OER 21/14 CJY): Nonlinear Pedagogy and its Relevance for the New PE Curriculum

19-011 (OER 27/15 TLS): Curriculum Perspectives and Leadership in Innovations for the Nurturing of 21st Century Learners

19-010 (AFD 02/15 MHN): Let’s Code!: Teaching Pre-University Students Coding Using a Blended Learning Approach

19-009 (AFD 03/14 SR): Knowledge Construction in Networked Learning Communities in One Portal All Learners (OPAL)

19-008 (AFD 05/15 SL): Teaching and Learning English Pronunciation by Generating the Vocal Tract Shapes from the Frequency Domain Information

19-007 (DEV 01/15 AW): Using Video Cases to Teach Classroom Management

19-006 (AFR 02/16 TLS): Professional Learning Communities in Singapore Schools: The Current Practice and Possibilities for Teacher Practice and Student Learning

19-005 (AFR 03/16 GEP): Positive Teacher Language: Improving Teacher-Student Relationships and Engaging Low Progress Students

19-004 (OER 11/15 PT): Visualising and Performing Character and Citizenship through Digital Storytelling

19-003 (OER 10/15 VCD): Understanding Teacher Learning Community as Support for Implementation of Computer-Based Modelling Using Open Source Physics for Conceptual Instruction

19-002 (OER 07/15 CYL): Socio-cognitive Approach to Teaching Writing: Impact on Pupils’ Compositions

19-001 (OER 03/16 CBH): Orchestrating Learning Experiences Using Typical Problems in Mathematics Classrooms: Portraits of Teacher Noticing During Orchestration of Learning Experiences in the Mathematics Classrooms


18-029 (OER 17/14 KBK): CORE Research Programme: Baseline Investigation of Science Pedagogy

18-028 (OER 10/14 JS): Curricular-Instructional Gatekeeping in Singapore: How Teachers Enact Social Studies and Give Purpose to Citizenship Education

18-027 (OER 42/12 ISC): Turning Achievement Around: Predictors of Academic Resilience of Academically At-risk Students in Singapore

18-026 (AFD 04/14 TKS): Beginning Physical Education Teachers’ Experience of Continuing Professional Development and School-Based Mentoring

18-025 (AFD 03/15 AB): Video-Based Learning Resources for Singapore Music Teachers: A Development Project

18-024 (DEV 03/14 MK): Translating Productive Failure in the Singapore A-level Statistics Curriculum

18-023 (AFR 01/15 HJS): Cultivating Laterality in Learning Communities – Scaling of Innovation through Networked Learning Community

18-022 (AFR 04/14 LNH): Metacognition and Mathematical Problem Solving – Teaching and Learning at the Primary Levels [MetaMaps (Primary)]

18-021 (OER 24/14 HS): Leadership for Collective Learning: An Effective Distributed Perspective

18-020 (OER 18/14 AD): An Experimental Evaluation on the Effectiveness of a Web-based Training Program in Functional Behavioral Assessment and Interventions with Special Education schools in Singapore

18-019 (AFR 05/14 LHL): A Teacher-led Interpretation of the Teacher Growth Model: An Inquiry into the Professional Identity of Singapore Teachers

18-018 (OER 19/15 TS): Understanding Teachers’ Knowledge and Practice of Lower Secondary Geographical Investigations

18-017 (OER 07/14 WLY): Situating and Contextualising Professional Development for Sustained Practice and Learning in School

18-016 (AFD 04/15 GSE): Developing and Evaluating an Instructional Unit on Kinetic Theory of Matter using a Complex Systems Instructional Approach

18-015 (DEV 05/14 WQY): Design of an Interactive Online Learning Environment

18-014 (DEV 06/14 LYH): NAIL IT!: Improvement of Learning, Innovations in Teaching

18-013 (OER 23/14 JG): An Investigation of the Impact of Leadership Practices on Student Learning and Development Outcomes in Singapore Primary Schools

18-012 (OER 17/15 TYC): Developing 21CC through Band: An Exploratory Study of the “Four Cs”

18-011 (OER 04/14 RB): Exploring the Functional Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss in Singapore

18-010 (OER 16/15 LTW): Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Exploring the Use of Culture in Singapore’s Low Progress Classrooms

18-009 (AFR 02/14 TCS): A Two-Tiered Approach to Supporting Pupils With Reading Difficulties in Primary 3 Mainstream Classrooms

18-008 (OER 09/13 GAD): Participation in School-Based Co-Curricular Activities and Student Development: A Motivation and Engagement Perspective

18-007 (OER 20/14 CCY): Secondary Quantitative Analysis of Core Research Data (2004–2010): A Multilevel Study of Academic Achievement and 21st Century Competencies

18-006 (OER 14/14 WLH): Learning to Communicate in Chinese with Social Media through Contextualised, Authentic and Socialising Means

18-005 (DEV 07/14 TTL): Use of Comics in Teaching Mathematics

18-004 (OER 12/14 MT): Making, Innovation, and Science Education: Considering Two Layers of Analysis: Fresh Ontological Lenses Provide Novel Insights

18-003 (AFR 03/14 LWS): A Preliminary Study of Assessment Progression: Evaluation of Assessment for Learning Lessons and Summative Assessment Tasks in the General Music Programme

18-002 (OER 66/12 KP): The Outcomes of a Training Programme to Support Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Mainstream Schools

18-001 (OER 01/14 OP): Community Music Education: Towards the Development of New Pedagogies for the 21st Century


17-024 (OER 03/15 YT): Multi-level ICT Integration for Diffusing Complex Technology-mediated Pedagogical Innovations

17-023 (OER 16/14 SLH): Attending to the Language Demands in Science Classrooms

17-022 (OER 22/14 NFS): An Investigation of the Impact of Instructional Leadership Practices and School Culture on Staff Performance in Singapore Schools

17-021 (OER 04/15 MG): Game Development for Education

17-020 (DEV 04/14 WLK): Investigation of Making-centred Learning Spaces in Singapore Schools to Promote Students’ Interests in Science and Technology

17-019 (OER 06/15 RJL): Helping Primary School Students Engage in Collaborative Problem Solving of Real World Issues: Focusing on Low Progress Learners

17-018 (OER 41/12 SM): Is Movement Proficiency the Precursor to Physically Active Behaviour and Health? An Investigation of the Relationship between Fundamental Movement Skills, Physical Activity and Health in Singaporean Primary School Children       

17-017 (OER 02/15 HJS): Investigating Task Complexity and Generativity on the Learning Effect of Delayed Instruction

17-016 (OER 15/13 TLT): Engaging Secondary School Students in Authentic Research Projects Based on Environmental Science Theme

17-015 (OER 05/15 WLH): Exploring School-based Non-instructional and Semi-instructional Organised Activities in Students’ Access to Instructional Curriculum

17-014 (OER 06/13 RBK): Nurturing Positivity: A Positive Psychology Intervention to Enhance Well-Being, Engagement, and Achievement among At-risk Students

17-013 (OER 19/14 TK): Fostering Cross-cultural Communication and Understanding in the English Language Writing Class

17-012 (OER 08/13 CWH): The Roles of Self-efficacy Beliefs and Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) in Student Engagement: Perspectives from Normal Stream Students

17-011 (OER 62/12 EK): Developing an Assessment of Teamwork

17-010 (OER 51/12 TWT): Examining Normal Academic/Technical Students’ Science Learning from a Sociological and Cultural Lens

17-009 (AFD 02/14 BK): Enhancing the Pedagogy of Mathematics Teachers to Facilitate the Development of 21st Century Competencies in their Classrooms: EPMT — 21st CC

17-008 (OER 05/13 KHL): Developing Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge for 21st Century Learning (TPACK-21CL) through Design Thinking

17-007 (OER 02/14 AA): Music Teacher Professional Development in Singapore: Mapping the Landscape

17-006 (OER 15/14 RB): Reading Lives and Practices of Singapore Teachers and the Use of Multicultural Children’s Literature to promote Socio-emotional Learning

17-005 (OER 03/14 JMF): How do Experienced Learning Designers Differ from Novice Designers when they Design for Game-based Learning?

17-004 (OER 10/13 MAH): Finding Purpose: What Singaporean Adolescents Are Telling Us

17-003 (OER 50/12 CW): School-based Media Literacy Education: Balancing Critique, Ethics and Creative Expression

17-002 (AFR 01/14 TLS): A Study on Developing Teacher Leadership and Engendering an Emerging Teacher-led Culture

17-001 (OER 13/13 JY): Producing a Scientific Explanation in Physics: What It Entails and Challenges Students Face


16-019 (DEV 01/14 RS): Managing the Data Lifecycle for Research (Cost-)Effectiveness

16-018 (OER 44/12 TLS): Cultures and Leverages for Nurturing Adaptive Capacities through Curriculum Innovation

16-017 (OER 40/12 RS): The Crucial Time Factor in Sustainable Teacher Development and Assessment of Student Outcomes

16-016 (OER 46/12 LPF): Learning to Argue and Arguing to Learn: Developing Scientific Argumentation Skills in Pre-service Chemistry Teachers

16-015 (OER 31/12 LA): Exploring Learning Spaces in School-based Co-curricular Activities

16-014 (OER 30/12 LK): Schools Engaging Parents in Partnership: Supporting Lower-Achieving Students in Schools

16-013 (OER 29/12 PDY): Teacher Burnout and Teaching Effectiveness in Singapore

16-012 (OER 28/12 DN): Instructional Leadership in Singapore and East Asia

16-011 (OER 22/12 TTL): Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone: Infusion and Diffusion (MinD)

16-010 (OER 21/12 WCK): The Power of Beliefs in Impacting Motivation: Motivating the Academically Unmotivated

16-009 (OER 17/12 ED): Learning Through Popular Music, Lessons for the General Music Programme Syllabus in Singapore

16-008 (OER 16/13 TTW): Children are Natural Scientists: Learning Science in Early Childhood and Early Primary Years

16-007 (OER 15/11 LEL & OER 14/13 LEL): The Contribution of Teacher Education in Singapore to the Development of Teacher Competencies and Identity

16-006 (OER 11/12 HHQ): Integrating Classroom Discourse for Reflective Practice and Professional Development

16-005 (OER 54/12 TLS): Curriculum Innovation and the Nurturing of 21st Century Learners

16-004 (OER 05/11 LCY): What can English Teachers Tell Us about the Emotional Demands of their Work?

16-003 (OER 02/13 TPI): Instructional Coaching and Learning of Instructional Practices: A Study of the Perceptions of Coaches and Teachers

16-002 (OER 01/13 SFB): Breakfast and Exercise Influence Academic Performance in Adolescents

16-001 (OER 01/12 LYJ): Hands-on and Minds-on Learning of Science using a Microbial Fuel Cell