Nanyang Technological University Students' Union (NTUSU) is the supreme body of students in NTU including NIE. Membership of the NTUSU is automatic for the following categories of students in NIE:

  • All matriculated, full-time undergraduate students of NIE (excluding students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Sports Science & Management programme);
  • All full-time students of NIE pursuing diploma courses, the duration of which is no less than one academic year and;
  • Graduate students pursuing a full-time course of study leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Education, the duration of which is no less than one academic year.

The NTUSU consists of Academic Constituent Clubs, Non-Academic Constituent Clubs and NTUSU Executive Committee. As part NTUSU Academic Constituent Clubs, the NIE Student Teachers' Club sits in the NTUSU Council. Only students who are members of the NTUSU are eligible for full membership of the NIE Student Teachers' Club.

Students of NIE other than those defined under ordinary membership and students from other schools in NTU may apply for associate membership subject to the approval of the Management Committee and recommendation of the Advisor of the Club.

The main role of the NIE Student Teachers' Club is to promote and safeguard the interests and welfare of the NIE student community. The NIE Student Teachers' Club comprises 10 subsidiary clubs as follows: 


Our Clubs

Together with its sub-clubs, the NIE Student Teachers' Club organises a range of social, sports, cultural and educational activities for students.

The administration of the NIE Student Teachers' Club is vested in the hands of an elected Management Committee and the elections are held annually. The Committee members hold office from the date of election until the next occasion upon which a new Committee is elected.

The Club's Management Committee operates with the advice and guidance of two Club Advisors. The NIE Director is the Chief Advisor whilst an academic staff from NIE is appointed to be the Second Advisor.


Other Student Organisations

Besides the NIE Student Teachers' Club, there are other student organisations in NTU which cater to a variety of interests among NTU-NIE students. Details of NTU student clubs and societies can be found at NTU Student Life.

Within NIE, there are three clubs that are registered as NTU clubs: 

(i) NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) Club

The NTU-NIE TSP Club was formally established in 2015 and was registered as a Non-Constituent Club under NTUSU. The club represents the NTU-NIE TSP student community, to promote bonding and a common identity among students in the programme. 

ii) Sport Science & Management (SSM) Society

The SSM Society was established in 2012 and was registered as a Special Interest Club under NTU. The club serves to represent the SSM student community, fostering stronger bonds across intakes and assuring the well-being of SSM students. 

iii) Malay Language and Cultural Society (MLCS)

MLCS is an independent student body that is registered with the Registrar of Societies. The club’s sole purpose is to promote Malay Language, literary, culture, education interests and activities in NTU NIE.