About Us

CRCD aims to be a major centre for research into children’s development and learning. By advancing the science of child development, we hope to improve care, intervention, education and policies for children from birth through their primary years and beyond. CRCD conducts large-scale longitudinal studies, intervention studies and research syntheses with a multi-disciplinary approach. We share findings to inform practices and optimise the nurturing of children in the family, childcare centres, preschools and communities. CRCD also seeks to impact parenting practices, early childhood teacher education, professional development and policies within the early childhood sector.

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“CRCD makes great efforts to ensure their research covers the diversity of Singapore, and in doing so, is also a strong proponent of the global perspective. With its unique positioning to NTU as well as its relationships with government and policy-making, CRCD no doubt brings impactful positive change to education, research, and the community.” 
- Professor Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg from Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA) Lisbon 

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1 Nanyang Walk
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University
Centre for Research in Child Development
Block 5, Level B3
Singapore 637616 
NIE Green Hill with Topiary of NIE Logo (side angle)

Getting here

Direction: From Carpark 5
1. Climb up the staircase facing Carpark 5
2. Follow the directional signage to 'CRCD'
3. The CRCD office is next to the swimming pool

From Block 1 Administration Building
1. Walk to Block 5 (along level 1)
2. Take the Block 5 passenger lift down to level B1
3. Walk down towards the swimming pool
4. The CRCD office is next to the swimming pool at level B3