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Serving one of the five NIE’s Strategic Growth Areas (SGA), the Centre for Assessment & Evaluation (CAE) is a one-stop hub and catalyst for research and teaching in Assessment and Evaluation (AE) with the aim of encouraging greater growth in these two areas. To this end, CAE promotes literacy in Assessment and Evaluation among educators so that they are better placed to make informed decisions about teaching and learning.

A lighthouse that promotes thought leadership, knowledge production, expertise and collaborations among multiple stakeholders to navigate the complexities of Assessment and Evaluation in the context of future-ready education.

Our Goals

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The CAE was established to develop new knowledge, expertise, collaborations and thought leadership in the areas of Assessment and Evaluation. This is achieved through three key areas: Research, Teaching and Outreach.

Research through a review of AE curriculum will help discern research focus areas and increase collaborations by forming research teams. The findings from these studies will help translate to teaching programmes to foster improved teaching practices and encourage greater recognition of AE. These areas are further promoted through outreach to share expertise, provide guidance, consolidate and grow NIE's AE in Singapore and beyond.


The CAE is involved in facilitating high quality assessment and/or evaluation research and shaping the Assessment & Evaluation research agenda collaboratively within and beyond NIE faculty. The Centre researches the development, measurement & validation of culturally appropriate tools and of collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches and interventions of teacher & leadership change models.

Research Themes

The CAE focuses on certain key themes in the area of Assessment & Evaluation. They include:

  • 21st Century Competencies: Assessment Practices (Assessment)
  • Assessment Issues Related to Non-Cognitive Domains (Assessment)
  • Evaluating Intervention Effectiveness (Evaluation)
  • Emerging Technology in Assessment (Evaluation)
  • Educational Program Implementation: Issues in Implementation, particularly with Teacher Mindsets, Competence & Practices (Evaluation)
  • Development of Educational Evaluation Models e.g., Rapid Cycle Evaluation (Evaluation)
If you have any enquiries about evaluation and program implementation, you may direct the query to:

Rapid Cycle Evaluation (RCE) team at [email protected]

In your email, kindly ensure that the email subject contains the following:

[Interest] Evaluation project: Title



Informed by research, CAE is actively involved in improving NIE’s Assessment & Evaluation curricula. This includes continuously reviewing NIE progammes & courses related to Assessment & Evaluation. Curriculum leadership in the teaching of assessment and/or Evaluation within NIE and beyond is provided.                                                                               


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