Trading of Human Tissues


Prohibition against trading of human tissues


Effective 1 Jan 2017, HBRA prohibits commercial trading (i.e. buying and selling) of human tissue, as well as advertisements relating to such trading. This prohibition upholds the principle that human tissue should be obtained only through altruistic donations.

This may affect you if you make use of human tissue in the course of your work. If you have previously made arrangements to obtain and/or supply human tissue, whether for use in therapy or research, please ensure that your arrangements are not in contravention of the prohibitions in the HBRA. Further information can be found on MOH's website. A guide is available  here.

Note that HBRA Section 32(6) and HOTA Section 14(4) have provisions for obtaining human blood products and plasma fractions for research:

  • For human blood, reimbursement for any cost and expenses incurred is not allowed under HOTA. 
  • Notwithstanding, blood products that have been subjected to processing or treatment are exempted from this prohibition under HOTA.