Research Cluster 6: Culture, Organisations & Society

Culture, Organisations & Society recognises the enormous importance of cultural forms, of the arts, of the richness of our linguistic inheritances, and of the fundamental importance of philosophical thinking to all other value systems. This is reflected in the myriad ways that modern, developed societies invest in culture and linguistic-based research through their education systems. 

While NTU’s well-established centres of research excellence already make a major contribution in these areas to Singapore and beyond, it will certainly do even more in the coming years. Singapore’s commitment to maintaining a sophisticated and informed sense of its complex religious and racial landscape is deeply connected to the principle of respect for all traditions in the country, even while establishing a Singapore identity. These efforts are closely intertwined with the preservation of the country’s unique cultural identity – itself deeply connected to linguistic and artistic heritage.  

Singapore’s current aspirations extend far beyond financial and technological achievement. Our aspirations must match those of the nation, and we need to be similarly creative in our attitude to the generation of knowledge across all disciplines.