For Research Participants

For Research Participants


​​​​​​Information and Guidance for Research Participants

1. How do I know if this is an NTU IRB approved project?    

Advertisements of approved NTU research projects will contain the following features:

i. Proper research title with specific recruitment criteria
ii. Contact details of Investigator and NTU IRB (Tel: 6592 2495; Email: [email protected] )
iii. NTU IRB project number
iv. NTU logo​

Before being enrolled into a study, participants will be asked to sign a consent form (unless it is an anonymous study, where the participant's name and contact information will not be collected in the survey response). This consent form will contain the details and procedures of the research study, as well as the above 4 features. ​

​2. Who can i seek out to confirm a study's veracity before participating in one of them?

Participants can check with the Principal Investigator (usually a faculty member) regarding the research.

If there are doubts or concerns regarding the project, participants can contact NTU IRB directly (Tel: 6592 2495; Email: [email protected]).​