Research Cluster 4: Health & Society

Health & Society will address the demographic changes in Singapore from the perspectives of Medtech and drug development, population health and community wellness.  In 2014, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Singapore second in the world for healthcare outcomes, while the World Health Organisation ranked Singapore’s healthcare system as the fourth-best globally in 2017.  However, with rising life expectancy and falling birth rates come to the challenge of an ageing population. 

Increased longevity in Singapore will translate into higher demand for healthcare services, medicines and elderly care. Furthermore, as a global hub, Singapore is vulnerable to the importation of infectious diseases, and social norms and cultural practices are the first line of defence, rather than border restrictions.  

Singaporeans are living on average 10 years of their lives in ill health. In response, this Cluster will coordinate resources towards holistic approaches to human health, drawing on expertise in humanities, social sciences, economics, engineering, and medical science. This interdisciplinary approach drives innovations in healthcare, breakthroughs in disease detection and treatments, and effective social and cultural interventions that guide Singaporeans towards healthy ageing and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.