Research Cluster 4: Health & Society

As a measure of the vitality and resilience of any society, health and well-being is of paramount importance to a community’s sustainable development. A healthier Singapore is also a more vibrant, inclusive, and successful Singapore. AT NTU, faculty and researchers from across many different academic disciplines are making useful contributions through research and development to the enhancement of health and health care provisions in the population. In this cluster, scholars from across different colleges and schools take to the forefront by adopting a variety of approaches towards health and healthcare research. In addition to studying health issues from the biomedical perspective, we are also interested in understanding how social, cultural and economic factors underpin and shape health cognition and behaviour. By adopting an interdisciplinary framework, we aim to better understand and intervene health behaviours for better outcomes. This cluster also serves as a one-stop access to research in the field of health and society, as well as a platform for knowledge sharing and research networking. As part of NTU’s 2025 Research Strategy, we strive to produce impactful work that will make a real difference to the state of health of Singapore’s population.