Insurance cover for participants


Research subjects participating in NTU-IRB approved studies are covered under a university-wide insurance policy for bodily injuries sustained during the course of the research study.

Note that this insurance will only cover studies involving physical interventions (e.g. sports, treadmills, wearables, scans, blood draws, etc.) that has a chance of bodily harm. This insurance will not cover studies without any physical interventions (e.g. surveys, classroom observations, focus group discussions, etc.).

Study team is to indicate in ERMP if your study involves a physical intervention and requires insurance coverage. We also suggest that you use our HBRA consent form template as it contains language relating to insurance cover. 


Within ERMP, PIs are to fill up the necessary details within the Insurance tab


  • This policy covers NTU-IRB approved studies conducted globally including USA/Canada.
  • This policy will not cover claims arising from studies on (1) Children under the age of 5 years; (2) Pregnant women; (3) Implanted devices, (4) First-in-man trials, or injuries arising from, or (5) Hepatitis. Studies involving these groups are required to obtain separate insurance cover.
  • Participants who wish to file a claim should first contact the Principal Investigator of the study, who will then notify NTU-IRB of the claim details.