Exempt Category 6

Exempt Category 6 - Taste and food quality evaluations


Category 6 allows for research on taste, food evaluations and consumer acceptance studies meeting the following criteria:  

Exempt criteria:

  • Consumption of wholesome foods (without additives). 
  • Studies related to amounts of additives/contaminants/food ingredients normally found in food that are at (or below) the level found to be safe; or agricultural, chemical or environmental contaminants at (or below) the level found to be safe, by relevant food or health agencies.
  • Research on food or additives must have already been deemed safe by relevant authorities (e.g. AVA or HSA) in Singapore prior to IRB review. 



  • Research on food, additives or supplements that is preliminary in nature to obtain regulatory approvals from relevant authorities (e.g. AVA or HSA) in Singapore or internationally.
  • Consumption of any type and/or volume of food that would present risks to subjects, or the study of eating behaviours. 
  • Studies involving the consumption of alcohol, vitamins, and other dietary supplements.