Research Data Policy

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NTU recognises that research data is an important part of all research and scholarly work carried out in the university. Research data management is necessary to ensure that the research integrity of research work carried out in NTU is beyond reproach.

The NTU Research Data Policy aims to ensure that research data generated in the conduct of research projects at NTU are managed in a systematic and comprehensive manner to ensure integrity, accountability, long term availability, appropriate sharing and compliance with requirements of funding agencies.

Research Data Classification and Handling Guide

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The Guide, based on the NTU Data Governance Policy, provides research data classification definitions, examples, and the recommended practices for handling both digital and non-digital research data.

DR-NTU (Data): Open Access Research Data Repository

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DR-NTU (Data) curates, stores, preserves, makes available and enables the download of digital data generated by the NTU research community in various disciplines. The repository develops and provides guidance for managing, sharing, and reusing research data to promote responsible data sharing in support of open science and research integrity. 

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Data Management Planning (DMP)

A Data Management Plan (DMP) records the intention on how research data arising from the research project will be managed, used, and shared. A DMP must be submitted through the Research Information SystEm (RISE) at the start of each new project