What We Do

The Asian Languages & Cultures (ALC) Department aims to actively promote innovative, interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to research and teaching in the areas of mother tongue language, literature and culture.

ALC has a strong team of highly talented faculty members engaged in cutting-edge and impactful education research in partnership with research centres, schools and educational institutions in Singapore and abroad. We are committed to developing and nurturing teacher-scholars dedicated to the teaching of Chinese, Malay and Tamil language, literature and culture by providing them with a well-rounded foundation for mother tongue language education and equipping them with theoretically-driven yet practical, innovative skills, knowledge and pedagogy.   

As ONE-ALC, we take a keen interest in one another's culture, and contribute to the maintenance and development of our respective cultures in the context of multilingual and multicultural Singapore.


Graduate Programmes



Mrs Neubronner-Lim Kwee Hwa
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Mdm Saripah Bte Basir
Senior Executive
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Ms Janice Seow
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