Published on 12 Sep 2023

Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) Academic Group @NIE Extends a Warm Welcome to Tainan City Government Education Bureau

In the spirit of international collaboration and the exchange of educational insights, the Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), was honoured to host an interactive sharing session with delegates from the Tainan City Government Education Bureau. Held from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on September 12, 2023, this session illuminated the essence of "Teaching Mother Tongue Languages as a Second Language in Singapore."

The primary objective of this visit was to glean insights from Singapore's renowned bilingual and international education framework. This knowledge is pivotal for Tainan City as it looks to position English as its second language. The session aimed at broadening the international perspectives of our visiting counsellors, imbuing them with valuable experiences.

The gathering offered a platform for in-depth discussions on the educational frameworks of both Taiwan and Singapore. Beyond these discussions, participants were granted an insightful glimpse into Singapore's unique approach to bilingualism, showcasing its distinctive bilingual education, curriculum integration, and pioneering strategies, such as Language Elective Programme (LEP), Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP),  designed to enhance students' linguistic competencies. Furthermore, some exploration of how cultural and traditional values are seamlessly integrated into daily pedagogical activities, enhancing the appeal and effectiveness of the bilingual curriculum were discussed during the exchange.

Delegates were introduced to effective strategies and related activity designs, ensuring students' proficiency in both Chinese and English, while also fostering cultural appreciation. The sharing session also illuminated Singapore’s rigorous teacher training programs, meticulously designed to craft future educators who can champion bilingualism, integrating content and language effectively in diverse settings. The session spotlighted innovative and impactful school-wide initiatives such as Mother Tongue Language Fortnight, celebration of ethic festival that tailored for bilingual education.

The Asian Languages and Culture (ALC) Academic Group extends its heartfelt gratitude to the delegates from the Tainan City Government Education Bureau for their enthusiastic participation. We look forward to more such fruitful interactions in the future, collectively pushing the boundaries of education in our respective regions.