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The Visual and Performing Arts Department offers programmes at degree, diploma, postgraduate diploma and graduate (coursework and research) levels which aim to provide student and serving teachers with theory and methodology for designing and conducting Arts education lessons in either primary or secondary schools. The programmes are designed to upgrade and update student and serving teachers' Arts knowledge and experience through practical studio sessions and theoretical seminars, so they can function effectively as Arts educators. We offer courses in arts education that ensure that as a teacher and as an arts practitioner, learning the arts and learning in the arts develop intelligence, confidence and innovation. Therefore teaching the Visual Arts, Music and Drama can be an exciting way to develop young people and nurture their talent and interest.

Music aims to prepare students for careers in the fields of music and music education, and to encourage research in associated areas. Students are offered a wide range of courses which address many aspects of Music and Music education. The academic study of Music and Music Education from both Euro-American and World Musics cultures form and inform students' development and work. Composition, performance and academic studies of musics are regarded as key areas of study and development, and many opportunities exist for students to participate in musical ensembles.

Visual Art aims to combine the skill-sets and dispositions of Art-making and responding with a view to preparing student and serving teachers for the Art classroom and communities of Art-making. Skill-sets in Art-making include: 2D & 3D Art practices, Videography, Photography and ICT in Art Practices, New Media and Popular Culture in Art Practices, Curriculum Development/Assessment and Implementation and Creative development in Early and Adolescent Learning. Visual Arts believe in the importance of immersing students in authentic arts practices, allowing students to think and work as artists while helping students see the relationships between art practices and art education. There is a wide range of courses in art and art education that are taught in well-equipped studios and tutorial rooms. Students are also given opportunities to exhibit their works, visit museums and link their practices to the art classroom.

Drama teaches theatre skills (voice, acting, play-building, directing and production work) and the history and theory of theatre and of educational drama. These skills are further applied as pedagogy. Both pre-service and in-service courses are offered. Additionally, there are opportunities for research and there are drama electives open to the whole student population. There is a purpose-built theatre complex, the Nanyang Playhouse.

At the Visual and Performing Arts Department, we offer courses in arts education that ensure you have a bright future as a teacher and as an arts practitioner. Learning the arts and learning in the arts develop intelligence, confidence and innovation. Teaching the Visual Arts, Music and Drama can be an exciting way to develop young people and nurture their talent and interest.



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