Published on 30 Apr 2023

Fleksibiliti masa, cara belajar permudah pembelajaran sepanjang hayat

Associate Professor Hairon Salleh wrote an article for Berita Harian on how the flexibility of time, way of learning facilitates lifelong learning.

In order to equip students with a solid foundation in a major, graduate programs have traditionally often focused on theory rather than practicality, which is important in explaining problems.

Thus, there is a choice between graduate education and the need for lifelong learning, to meet the needs of society.

To help employees balance work and study time, the NTU Centre for Professional and Continuing Education and NIE have created accredited courses, which is named 'FlexiMasters'.

Adult students in the 'FlexiMasters' programme can plan their learning path, according to their needs and schedules.

This continuing education initiative allows employees to learn new skills in a broader field, through courses that can be structured towards micro-qualifications, such as more specialised qualifications.

Where appropriate, credits earned from these courses may be transferred to a full Master's degree.

By making learning accessible and relevant to everyone regardless of their stage of life, new initiatives related to graduate and continuing education can change the mindset towards lifelong learning.


Source: Berita Harian © SPH Media Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

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