Published on 04 Apr 2023

Associate Professor Mohd Mukhlis Bin Abu Bakar sets up a blog and speaks at National Library Board’s Webinar Series

Assoc Prof Mohd Mukhlis Bin Abu Bakar, Head of the Asian Languages & Cultures Academic Group (ACL AG), set up his own blog titled “Sebutan Baku sebutan yang baku?”, also known as “Sebutan Baku is a standard pronunciation?”. The bilingual blog was set up to educate the public on Sebutan Baku (Standard Pronunciation) by providing information in bite sizes from research projects and associated writings related to Sebutan Baku.

He was also invited as a panellist to speak at the National Library Board’s (NLB) Webinar Series “Languages of Singapore: Malay and Indian Languages - History, Current Use, and Future”, where he delivered his presentation titled “Has it really caught on with Singaporean Malay speakers?”. Watch his presentation here.