What We Do

In this era of globalisation and the rapid proliferation of knowledge and technology, schools and individuals have to cope with change and be able to see new promises and challenges. At Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group, we have a team of educators and psychologists passionate about the role of education in human development from early childhood through to adulthood. We are especially interested in the application of psychology to education, with the aim to understand the emotional, social and behavioural issues of learners, and to provide meaningful and relevant educational programmes and experiences to help them adjust to and flourish in school and later on, to acquire the relevant skills for the workplace and society at large.

Our Academic Group consists of academics, researchers and educators specializing in diverse fields such as early childhood education, special educational needs, learning sciences, motivation, prevention science, cognitive science and mental health. In addition, we collaborate with experts in specific disciplines such as language, mathematics and science education.

As scholars and educators, we see ourselves as facilitators and mediators to make the wealth of research and knowledge in the diverse fields of educational and counselling psychology, early childhood education and special educational needs more accessible to the community; our undergraduates, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, allied educators and aspiring specialists in guidance, counselling and applied psychology.

We believe in mentoring, building people and creating learning communities and networks that will enable our teachers and aspiring specialists to not only acquire professional knowledge, skills and proficiency but also form lasting interest groups to support their professional lives and practices.

The AG aspires to:

To promote understanding, application and research in the areas of learning and teaching, educational psychology, counselling, early childhood education and special educational needs, amongst educators and the community at large.

To achieve excellence in the academic and skills-based preparation and professional development of educators, psychologists, counsellors, and assessment specialists.

To excel in research and innovation aimed at impacting and improving the expertise, professionalism and practices of educators, psychologists, counsellors, and assessment specialists.

To promote lifelong learning initiatives through the provision of professional development programmes, courses, workshops and consultancies to local and international stakeholders.

To provide consultancy and quality psychological assessment and counselling to schools and the broader community.

We provide training at pre-service, undergraduate and higher degree levels for continuing education and welcome you to enjoy the journey with us each time you embark on a course offered in any of the following fields:



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