Minor and Second Major


NTU students have the opportunity not only to complement their major concentration, but also to explore subjects of interest outside their area of specialisation. The exciting SoH minors offered are as follows:


Interdisciplinary Minors offered by the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences


Offered by the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and drawing on the courses from the School of Art, Design and Media, School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences, and Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, an interdisciplinary Minor is a great option for motivated students who are looking to enrich their education experience.

For Minors offered by other schools and colleges in NTU, please click here.


Second Major

The objective of the Second Major is to allow SoH students to graduate with a second Major in another discipline offered by the School. SoH students can also choose a second major from the School of Social Sciences and School of Communication and Information.

As in the Minor programmes, the second major provides SoH students with breadth of exposure. However, the second major is also designed to provide greater depth of study in an additional discipline. Students will graduate with a BA Honours degree in their First Major upon satisfying the academic requirements of the School. The Second Major will be shown on the final transcript.

Students with CGPA score of 4 and above will be invited to apply for the 2nd Major Programme at the end of their 1st Year of Study.


How do I get admitted into the Second Major of my choice?


Students will apply to read a second major at the end of their first year and must have a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 to qualify.   


If I successfully complete a Second Major, will I be awarded 2 degrees?


No. Your degree scroll will show that you have graduated with a BA Hons in your First Major. The Second Major will appear on the transcript. The 2nd Major certificate will be endorsed by the Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education) and it will be issued to graduates who successfully complete the 2nd Major programme together with their degree certificate and official transcript. 


Do I have to take more subjects and will I need more than 4 years to complete a double major?


Please consult the website for the curriculum of the Second Major. You will probably need to "overload" in some semesters if you are reading a Second Major. If you plan your academic path carefully, you should be able to complete the Second Major within 4 years.


What if I am admitted into the Second Major and decide later that I do not wish to continue?


You may opt out of the Second Major and the academic units (AUs) earned may be counted towards the fulfillment of the corresponding Minor or used to fulfill the AU requirements for graduation.


Do I have to pay additional fees if I am enrolled into the Double Major programme?


You do not have to pay any additional fees if you complete your degree within 4 years.​​​​