SoH Student Clubs

SoH Club Committee

School of Humanities Club

SoH Club is the home to student leaders of the SoH community. The club was established to enhance our fellow SoH students' university experience both socially and academically. Through our key events such as SoH Day, !deas Fest, Exam Welfare Week etc., SoHumans are able to interact and bond with fellow students from the five different subject areas. Through these exchanges, a vibrant SoH culture is continuously fostered and strengthened. As a club, we aim to always celebrate our unique SoH identity and be a strong support for our fellow students’ needs and concerns.

SoH Day | !deas Fest | Exam Welfare Week | Communituition | Info-Session
NTU Chinese Sub-Club

Chinese Sub-Club

The NTU Chinese Sub-Club represents the voices of SoH Chinese Undergraduates. We frequently collect feedback from the Chinese community, to provide relevant academic welfare and support. The sub-club organises events regularly, to enrich students’ university experience, enabling them to bond and foster new friendships.

Chinese New Year Celebration | Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration | Community Involvement Programmes

NTU English Sub-Club

English Sub-Club

The NTU English Sub-Club oversees the welfare of all SoH English and ELAH Undergraduates, and aims to create a safe educational environment where students can grow and learn at their own pace. We are the bridge between students and faculty, working with students to understand their needs and concerns, and conveying them to the faculty. The English Sub-Club also has a publication under its belt, which seeks to be a space for expression and for the diverse voices of our English community to be heard. 

Halloween Trick or Treating Event | Coffee, Cookies and ____

NTU History Sub-Club

History Sub-Club

The NTU History Sub-Club is run by a group of passionate History Undergraduates. The Sub-Club aims to create a vibrant community for both SoH History Undergraduates and members of the public through the fulfillment of three objectives, namely - 1) Cultivate an interest in History among all NTU students, 2) Collaborate with external organisations on History-related projects, and 3) Promote bonding among History students.

Career Preparation Workshop  | History Connect

NTU LMS Sub-Club

Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Sub-Club 

The NTU Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Sub-Club (LMS Sub-Club) caters to SoH LMS and PSLM undergraduates’ academic interests and further social bonds. Through the Sub-Club, students will be able to discover the field of Linguistics which they are interested in and engage deeper in it. 

TGIF Seminars 

NTU Philosophy Sub-Club

Philosophy Sub-Club 

The NTU Philosophy Sub-Club aims to allow undergraduates interested in Philosophy further opportunities to pursue their passions outside the curriculum along with like-minded peers. We also organize events to help SoH Philosophy Undergraduates in both their academic and non-academic life. 

Singapore Undergraduate Philosophy Conference | Peer Tutoring, Essay Workshops and Discussion Circles |
 Career Preparation Workshop  

SoH TOP logo

Transition and Orientation Programme Committee 

The SoH Transition and Orientation Programme Committee works closely with the school to organise a holistic programme with the aim to assist freshmen for a smooth transition to university life. During the 4-day programme, freshmen will have the opportunity to meet their professors, seniors and fellow school mates. Important information relating to academic and non-academic matters will also be shared to help freshmen navigate through their first year at SoH.