Minor in History



The Minor in History provides students with the tools necessary to understand human experience and thought in different places and times. History as a discipline covers every dimension of human interaction, from the study of social life and cultural practices to political thought and philosophical views. Students of history learn to make sense of the present in terms of the past, and the past from the vantage point of the present. In history, students study individuals, groups, communities, and nations from a multiplicity of perspectives and across various time periods. Documents comprise the primary data historians examine, and studying history allow students to hone their analytical skills and develop convincing arguments. Equipped with these skills, students of history will be prepared for a number of careers from the civil service to jobs in education, public relations, advertising, publishing, and news and other interactive media.  

Admission Requirements     

The Minor in History is open to all students.   

Minor Requirements

To fulfil a Minor in History, students must complete FIVE (5) courses, including HH1001 What is History? and FOUR (4) other courses from the list of Core and/or ANY category of Major Prescribed Electives. Even though these FIVE (5) courses can be taken in any sequence and at any time within the four year degree program, students are advised to complete HH1001 prior to taking other history courses.

The full list of courses can be found below.

Major Core

  • HH1001 What is History? (3 AUs)
  • HH1002 Asia-Pacific in Global History: Pre-1800 (3 AUs) or
    HH1003 Asia-Pacific in Global History: From 1800 (3 AUs)
  • HH1004 Science and Technology in Historical Perspective​ (3 AUs)
  • HH2001 Singapore: The Making of a Cosmopolitan City-State (3 AUs)
  • HH3001 Historiography: Theory and Methods (3 AUs)  

Major Prescribed Electives (MPE)

  • HH1125 History and Archaeology: An Introduction (3 AUs)
  • HH2125 The World in 12 Objects (3 AUs)
  • HH3022 World War II and Southeast Asia (3 AUs)
  • HH3031 The United States and the Modern Middle East (3 AUs)
  • HH3043 China's Cultural Revolution as History and Memory (3 AUs)
  • HH4015 Film: A Global History (4 AUs)
  • HH4021 Public & Applied History (4 AUs)
  • HH4027 Propaganda: History, theories and practices (4 AUs)
  • HH1008 The Emergence of Modern Southeast Asia (3 AUs)
  • HH2005 Foundations of East Asia (3 AUs) 
  • HH2009 China in Revolution and Reform (3 AUs)
  • HH2011 Ancient and Medieval South Asia (3 AUs)
  • HH2024 History of the Malay World: Present identities, Past histories (3 AUs)
  • HH2025 The World of Southeast Asia to 1600 (3 AUs)
  • HH2030 Ascetics and Aesthetics of Medieval Japan (3 AUs)
  • HH2031 History of Food in China (3 AUs)
  • HH3003 Migration and Diaspora: Chinese Experiences in Comparative Perspective (3 AUs)
  • HH3007 Southeast Asian-China Interactions (3 AUs)
  • HH3008 Modern South Asia (3 AUs)
  • HH3020 Introduction to Korean History (3 AUs)
  • HH3023 Burma/Myanmar: A History (3 AUs)
  • HH3027 A History of Modern Indonesia (3 AUs)
  • HH3036 South Asia and the World (3 AUs)
  • HH4003 The Silk Road: Old and New (4 AUs)
  • HH4012 Intellectual History of Modern China (4 AUs)
  • HH4013 The 'Big Man' and Political Legitimation in Southeast Asia (4 AUs)
  • HH4017 Defining the Nation: India on the Eve of Independence (4 AUs)
  • HH4023 The United States and Southeast Asia in the Twentieth Century​ (4 AUs)
  • HH4090 Special Topics in History – Global Asia (4 AUs)
  • HH2002 Gender in History (3 AUs)
  • HH2007 Health and Illness in History (3 AUs)
  • HH2008 Feasting and Fasting: Food and Drink in History (3 AUs)
  • HH2015 Biopolitics and East Asian History (3 AUs)
  • HH2017 History of Information Technology (3 AUs)
  • HH2020 Science and War (3 AUs)
  • HH2023 Reading in the History of Health and Medicine (3 AUs)
  • HH2026 Health, Food, and Sports in Modern Korean History (3 AUs)
  • HH2027 Blood, Germs, and Sick Bodies: Biomedicine in History (3 AUs)
  • HH3002 Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern East Asia (3 AUs)
  • HH3004 Comparative Business History (3 AUs)
  • HH3010 Biotechnology and Society (3 AUs)
  • HH3013 Comparative History of Race Science (3 AUs)
  • HH3016 History of Madness (3 AUs)
  • HH3017 World Environmental History (3 AUs)
  • HH3018 The Environmental History of Oceans (3 AUs)
  • HH3019 History of the Body (3 AUs)
  • HH3028 Global History of Capitalism (3 AUs)
  • HH3030 The Apocalypse in Western History (3 AUs)
  • HH3032 Science and Religion in History (3 AUs)
  • HH3033 Buddhism: A Social and Intellectual History (3 AUs)
  • HH3034 Ascetism: The Discipline of Desire (3 AUs)
  • HH3040 History of Chinese Medicine (3 AUs)
  • HH3041 History of Feminism (3 AUs)
  • HH3042 Climate and Society in Historical Perspective (3 AUs)
  • HH3130 The History of Time (3 AUs)
  • HH4005 Culture and Heritage: Perspectives from History (4 AUs)
  • HH4006 The Green Earth: Issues in Environmental History (4 AUs)
  • HH4020 Science, Technology, and Science Fiction​ (4 AUs)
  • HH4022 Colonial combination of Western and folk-based medical practices in Singapore (4 AUs)
  • HH4024 Lineage, Ritual, and the State in Asia (4 AUs)
  • HH4025 History of Disease: Human Evolution, Disease and Health (4 AUs)
  • HH4028 Tantric South Asia: Politics, Aesthetics, Religion (4 AUs)
  • HH4091 Special Topics in History - Interdisciplinary History​ (4 AUs)
  • HI3001 1984: Past, Present, Prophecy​ (3 AUs)
  • HH1006 The West in Global History (3 AUs)
  • HH1010 US History to 1865 (3 AUs)
  • HH1011 US History since 1865 (3 AUs)
  • HH2004 The Islamicate World (3 AUs)
  • HH2006 Modern European History (3 AUs)
  • HH2021 Race, Gender, Class and Colonial Power (3 AUs)
  • HH3006 US Foreign Relations History​ (3 AUs) 
  • HH3009 Comparative History of Global Migration (3 AUs)
  • HH3012 The United States and the Vietnam Wars (3 AUs)
  • HH3024 Decolonisation and Democracy: Britain since 1945 (3 AUs)
  • HH3025 The Cultural, Social and Economic History of Football (3 AUs)
  • HH3035 Empire and Decolonization (3 AUs)
  • HH3037 Politics of Popular Culture (3 AUs)
  • HH3039 Maritime Asia in the Longue Duree (3 AUs)
  • HH4007 An International History of the Cold War (4 AUs)
  • HH4010 Anticolonial Resistance in the British Empire (4 AUs) 
  • HH4011 Slavery and Forced Labour in the Indian Ocean World (4 AUs)
  • HH4014 A Global History of Death (4 AUs)
  • HH4016 Topics in World History (4 AUs)
  • HH4026 Decolonisation of the British Empire in Asia and Africa (4 AUs)
  • HH4092 Special Topics in History – World History​ (4 AUs)