This is what our STUDENTS have to say about SoH

Chan Kah Seng Jason

Jason Chan
BA in Chinese | Year 4

I chose to study in NTU Humanities because of the wide variety of modules which I can take within my subject area. Some may assume that studying Chinese will probably be dry and boring, but there are many interesting modules available for students to choose from! 

For me, I enjoyed taking the HC2014 Chinese Theatre and Performance module as it introduced me to the world of theatre. A requirement of this module was to view selected theatre performances during the Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts (华艺节), which showcases the works of the most outstanding Chinese artists. It was indeed an eye-opening experience for me.

Naveen Kaur
Naveen Kaur
BA in English | Year 3

The diversity of modules offered drawn me into NTU School of Humanities. For my subject area of English in particular, there are so many modules that catered to literature all around the world such as African Literature, Southeast Asian Literature and of course, Singapore Literature. In addition to these, there are also many modules that catered to more niche interests within Western literature, such as Theatre of the Absurd. This diversity was very exciting to me because I could go from one amazing class about Medieval literature where we talk about texts that are thousands of years old to a class about Asian Historical Fiction where we talk about how history, particularly in Asia is represented. This has made my university education so much more rich and enjoyable. Furthermore, when I came for open house and my admissions interview, I got the opportunity to speak with the students and professors. They were all so warm and inviting, and I felt like SoH is somewhere where I would truly be welcome, and I have really felt so welcome here, and could approach my professors if I had any questions. On the whole, I just felt like SoH was a really warm and inclusive place, and it truly is.
Jasmine Lum Syn Mun
Jasmine Lum
BA in History | Year 3

I chose to pursue my university education with SoH History largely due to my seniors, who have spoken fondly of their time in NTU. Truth be told, I have received so much more than expected in my past 3 years. I am truly grateful for my SoH seniors who have been so kind in helping me and encouraging me in the ups and downs. I am also grateful for my History professors who are genuinely concerned for our well-being, as well as continually looking for ways to improve the NTU History programme that will equip the students for life after university.
Tong Wei Ting Bernadette
Bernadette Tong
BA in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies | Year 3

NTU is the only university offering a linguistics and multilingual studies programme in Singapore, and the career prospects of a linguistics graduate is promising where we can build a career in many different industries like IT and Healthcare.

My most memorable class is Language, Technology and the Internet. In this class, we got to create a Wikipedia page on a topic we chose and learnt about different online communicative platforms like Discord and Twitter, and a brief introduction to the algorithm behind these platforms. Something that most people wont expect humanities students to learn.
Racher Du Jiaqi
Racher Du Jiaqi
BA in Philosophy | Year 4

The most memorable class I've taken would have to be my first class at SoH which was Introduction to Philosophy. It was something entirely new yet familiar, because we have all dealt with commons forms of moral dilemmas but never took it as seriously as a philosophy undergraduate has to. I realized, past the fun parts of struggling with ethical theories, are very real questions that shape itself into clearer questions as we delve deeper into the topic. It was also really scary to have moral dilemmas thrown at you and for you try to defend it in front of someone who is like a walking moral encyclopedia, but you leave the class feeling like you've learned something.
Nur Azila Binte Rozaini

Nur Azila Binte Rozaini
Double Major in English Literature and Art History | Year 4

I chose to pursue my undergraduate degree at SoH as their Double Major Programme appealed most to me. Having come from an arts and humanities background in Poly, I thought that the Double Major in English Literature and Art History is something I’m most familiar and would best fit me and my interests, and especially help to increase my knowledge and expertise of the field. Furthermore, the prospect of having two mentors – one from the English and one from the Art History programme – was a very attractive prospect. 

Tan Yi Xin Elinorre
Elinorre Tan
Double Major in Psychology and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies | Year 4

SoH is a great place to meet new people with whom you can engage in substantial discussions. I've made some great friends from the time I've been here, and most of the people here are really friendly and more than able to put you at ease in conversation. Meeting people from various backgrounds definitely helps you learn to communicate and interact with others more open-mindedly and empathetically. On top of that, SoH is capable of, and constantly does, providing students with an amazing learning experience. Our professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of expertise and always find a way to make it engaging for students to better understand and learn.