Minor in English

The Minor in English at NTU will introduce students to a wide variety of literatures in English and provide them with a firm foundation in the methods and practices of literary-critical analysis and study. Students will be exposed to a variety of literatures, periods and genres, and will become acquainted not only with the literary texts, but also with their authors, the literary movements, and the contemporary cultural and historical cross-currents which influenced both author and text. In the process, students will acquire skills in critical analysis and interpretation, be introduced to literary theory and its uses, as well as the complex organisational and discursive skills involved in critical writing. Apart from foundational and progressively advanced study of the major literary genres or forms such as fiction, poetry and drama, special topic courses will also be offered such as Southeast Asian literatures in English, Children's literature and Science Fiction as electives. The English Minor at NTU offers extensive training in critical thinking, advanced reading and analysis, and oral and written communication skills. It also addresses questions such as textuality, the social, cultural and political factors behind artistic production, group, cultural and national identities, and the relationship between the individual and society as well as human values It is thus an excellent concentration for students planning careers in fields as diverse as academic research, education, publishing, journalism, advertising, library science, public relations, business, and the civil service.

Students will be required to complete FIVE(5) courses consisting of HL1001 Introduction to the Study of Literature and FOUR(4) other courses from the list of Core and/or ANY category of Major Prescribed Electives.

The full list of courses can be found here​.  ​