Second Major in LMS

To take Linguistics and Multilingual Studies as their second Major, students must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.0 in their first year at university.

Students who choose Linguistics and Multilingual Studies as their second Major are required to complete the 5 core courses below and at least 6 prescribed electives. At least 2 courses must be from the level 4000 courses. Total number of AUs earned must be at least 35 AUs.


  • HG1001 Mind and Meaning
  • HG2034 Structure of Modern English
  • HG2001 Morphology and Syntax
  • HG2002 Semantics and Pragmatics
  • HG2003 Phonetics and Phonology


Language, Mind and Multilingualism

  • HG2012 Cognitive Linguistics
  • HG2013 Child Language
  • HG2014 Second Language Acquisition
  • HG2015 Investigating Literacy as Social and Textual Practice
  • HG2016 Language and Music
  • HG2030 Reading Development and Disorders
  • HG3005 Research Methods in Linguistics II - Statistical Analysis
  • HG3010 Language and Communication Disorders
  • HG3012 Deaf Culture and Sign Language
  • HG3016 Language and Cognition in Bilingualism and Multilingualism
  • HG3017 Advanced Study of Language and Literacy in Infancy
  • HG4011 Language and the Brain
  • HG4013 Multilingualism Across the Lifespan 
  • HG4015 Psycholinguistics
  • HG4047 Pragmatic Theory 

Multilingual Societies and Multiculturalism

  • HG2021 Intercultural Communication
  • HG2023 Language and Gender
  • HG2024 X-rated Linguistics: Language, Sexuality and Desire
  • HG2032 Globalisation and World Englishes
  • HG3021 Language Change
  • HG3022 Sociolinguistics of a Region
  • HG3024 A Wor(l)d in Motion
  • HG3025 Language Variation
  • HG4020 Languages in Contact 
  • HG4021 Language Shift and Maintenance 
  • HG4023 Language Planning and Policy
  • HG4024 Social Theories and Language
  • HG4031 Multimodality in Situated Contexts 

Language Structure

  • HG2017 Father-and-Mother tongues: Languages of SE Asia
  • HG3042 Contrastive Linguistics
  • HG3043 Malay Linguistics 1 - History and Structure​
  • HG3047 Experimenting with Spoken Language
  • HG4012 Structure of Sign Language
  • HG4040 Phonological Theory 
  • HG4041 Theories of Grammar 
  • HG4042 How and Why Languages Differ 
  • HG4043 Language Universals and Language Types
  • HG4046 Malay Linguistics 2 - Dialectology and Language Contact
  • HG4049 Semantic Analysis
  • HG4070 Experimental Phonetics 
  • HG4071 The Meat of Speech: The Anatomy and Physiology of Speaking and Hearing

Language and Technology

  • HG2051 Language and the Computer
  • HG2052 Language, Technology and the Internet
  • HG2053 Language Modeling
  • HG3051 Corpus Linguistics
  • HG4050 Machine Translation
  • HG​4052 Speech Synthesis and Recognition
  • HG4053 Grammar Engineering

Special Topics in Linguistics

  • HG2027 Ecolinguistics: Language and the Environment
  • HG2031 The History of English
  • HG2033 Introduction to Conversation Analysis​
  • HG2093 Discovering Unwritten Stories: A General Introduction to Toponymy and Toponomastics
  • HG2094 Word of Mouth: Transmission of Oral Culture
  • HG2095 Codes from the Past: A General Introduction to the History of Cryptography
  • HG2096 What's in a text? - Analysing Written Discourse
  • HG2097 What's in a Name? - A General Introduction to Etymology
  • HG2098 Gesture and Discourse
  • HG2099 Languages of the World
  • HG3023 Anthropological Linguistics
  • HG4022 Forensic Linguistics
  • HG4025 Linguistic Ethnography
  • HG4032 The Linguistics of Humour
  • HG4033 Advanced Conversation Analysis
  • HG4044 Language Evolution
  • HG4048 Comparative Chinese Dialectology
  • HG4062 Language, Culture and Society in Southeast Asia
  • HG4063 Advanced World Englishes

In addition, a maximum of 3 courses from the list below may count towards a 2nd Major in LMS

  • HC2050 Chinese Lexicology
  • HC2053 Varieties of Chinese
  • HS2012 Sociology of Language
  • HP2600 Cognitive Psychology
  • HC3050 Sound and Prosody of Chines
  • HC3052 Chinese Language and Grammatical Theories
  • HC4050 Chinese Semantics
  • HC4051 Text, Rhetoric and Style
  • HC4052 Special Topics in Chinese Linguistics
  • Any level 3000 and above language courses offered by the Centre for Modern Languages (open only to students taking these languages as a third language)*

*Maximum of one (1) Modern Language course can be cross listed.