Double Major

The Double Major degree programme offers students the opportunity to specialise in any two major academic disciplines and will encourage a multidisciplinary educational and intellectual focus; it will equip students with the transferable skills of a liberal arts education for successful careers in the rapidly changing environment of the 21st century.

Students in the Double Major programme will read the two aforementioned majors.

Psychology is offered by NTU's School of Social Sciences

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The Double Major Programme appealed most to me. Having come from an arts and humanities background in Poly, I thought that the Double Major in English Literature and Art History is something I’m most familiar and would best fit me and my interests, and especially help to increase my knowledge and expertise of the field. Furthermore, the prospect of having two mentors – one from the English and one from the Art History programme – was a very attractive prospect.

Nur Azila binte Rozaini, English Literature and Art History