Minor in Creative Writing

The Minor in Creative Writing at NTU is open to all undergraduate students interested in exploring their creative literary potential. Students learn the techniques necessary for crafting well-made poetry, fiction, drama, and screenplays, and are encouraged to nurture their creative and innovative abilities. The courses comprise workshops that are devoted to literary form and technique and to the exploration of contemporary trends. Classes provide a forum for students to share their work and receive responses from professional and student authors in an encouraging and productive environment.

The Creative Writing Minor is an excellent concentration for students planning careers in fields as diverse as education, publishing, journalism, advertising, public relations, business and the civil service, as well as encouraging the budding careers of young Singaporean and Asian writers.

To satisfy the requirements for a Minor in Creative Writing, students must complete at least five courses with at least 15 AUs, including one required course and any four electives. The required introductory course will prepare the students for the more advanced writing courses and give them an idea of where their creative interests and talents lie. The introductory course may be taken without further creative writing study.

Grades in these courses are based on the quality of students’ creative and critical output, including their engagement with the revision process, as well as their participation in class discussion and activities. Students are strongly encouraged to read with breadth, depth and active critical thought in the genres of their writing interest. Course assessments include opportunities to write reflectively on the connections between this reading and the students’ own writing process.


HZ9101 Introduction to Creative Writing
(HZ9101 is a compulsory course, and is a pre-requisite for all the other courses)


HZ9201            Creative Writing: Poetry
HZ9202/HZ202 Creative Writing: Fiction
HZ9203/HZ203 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction Prose
HZ9204/HZ204 Creative Writing: Playwriting
HZ9205/HZ205 Creative Writing: Screenwriting


HZ9301/HZ301 Advanced Creative Writing
HL2020/HL220 Creative Writing Workshop*
*In order for HL2020/HL220 to be counted towards the Minor in Creative Writing, it must be taken as an Unrestricted Elective
*Also eligible (existing course in the BA in English)
**3 AUs are awarded for students enrolled August 2011 onwards under the new Academic Units system; 4 AUs for students enrolled before that**
Creative Writing Coordinator: Asst Prof Barrie Sherwood
T +65 6316 8826
E BSHERWOOD@ntu.edu.sg