Members of the Philosophy Programme have wide-ranging interests. But, in line with the Programme's role in the School of Humanities and NTU as a whole, these interests are intended to cluster around certain areas of research: Chinese Philosophy, Consciousness & Experience, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science. 

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Chinese Philosophy

Researchers: Chenyang Li, Winnie Sung

Our research covers a wide range of topics in Chinese philosophy. We have a strong emphasis on early Confucian philosophy, Confucian moral psychology, and comparative philosophy.

Consciousness & Experience

Researchers: Melvin Chen, Winnie Sung, Anu Selva-Thomson

Our research covers a number of important aspects of philosophy of mind, phenomenology, and the philosophy of psychology. In particular, we have ongoing research on phenomenology (perception, language, and meaning), hermeneutics, self-knowledge, self-conciousness, philosophy of cognitive science, creative cognition, and philosophy of imagination.
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Researchers: Melvin Chen, Christina Chuang, Andrew Forcehimes, Chenyang Li, Andres Luco, Grace Boey, Lim Chong Ming, Anu Selva-Thomson

Our research covers nearly all aspects of ethics and metaethics. A number of faculty members work on moral psychology, consequentialism, social and political philosophy, care ethics, well-being, rational decision making, and the ethics of new technologies.

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Philosophy of Science

Researchers: Melvin Chen, Teru Miyake

Our research covers several different aspects of the philosophy of science and the philosophy of technology. Specifically, our research focuses on the history of philosophy of science, history and philosophy of the physical sciences, philosophy of statistical inference, formal epistemology, causal epistemology, and the philosophy of artificial intelligence.