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Teng Yi Shee Gerald

Gerald Teng
BA in Philosophy | Year 4

I was always fascinated by knowledge, and wanted something that I can study that can integrate my more holistic and diverse interests. Also, I didn't really like how most of my peers saw knowledge as purely instrumental— not to take anything away from wanting to succeed in one's career, but I wanted something that is also much more meaningful and enriching for the self.

And I came across the philosophy program in NTU. It is a young program, with an amazing faculty-student ratio. In judging between NTU-SoH and other universities, I considered how the philosophy department in SoH is much lighter on its feet, much more open to new ideas and new ways of doing philosophy. There is also really generous support that can accommodate all sorts of research I want to do in philosophy.

SoH Student Activities

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SoH Day

SoH Day

SoH Day is an annual event for students to unwind after their mid-terms. It include activities such as band performances, game booths, photo booth and lucky draw.

Exam Welfare Week

Exam Welfare Week

EWW takes place every semester, where students will receive a welfare pack to help boost their energy and morale during the revision and exam period.

Information Sessions

Information Sessions

Information sessions held each semester for students to receive advice from seniors and clarify any doubts on academic and career matters.

Community Engagement Projects

Community Engagement Projects

There are a number of projects where students get the opportunity to contribute back to both the local and global community.

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SoH Students

SoH Student Care Manager

SoH has a dedicated Student Care Manager, Ms Shalini Naidu who provides assistance and support to students facing personal, emotional, psychological, financial challenges. Students may book an appointment with Shalini at [email protected].

SoH Career Coach

SoH Career Coaches

SoH has two dedicated career coaches, Ms Doreen Ang and Mr Nicholas Lim, whom students can approach to receive advice and guidance on various career related matters like career exploration, resume critique and mock interview practice.

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Student Overseas Exchange

GEM Explorer

GEM Explorer enables students to take courses or do research in an overseas partner university for one full semester while exploring a new country and culture.

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Professional Attachment Programme

Professional Attachment Programme

PAP provides a platform for students to gain real-life work experience before steeping into the corporate world. Students can either self-source placements or seek assistance through CAO.