The History Programme is committed to producing cutting-edge and groundbreaking historical research. The faculty’s research interests span a broad range of subjects including business, cultural, economic, gender, global, intellectual, international, labour, political, social, and transnational history as well as the history of the environment, health, medicine, science, sustainability, and technology. Engaging in landmark interdisciplinary work, faculty members also collaborate with university colleagues from other schools and colleges to study the history of science and technology and their varied impacts on society. 

These research endeavours reflect our desire to advance knowledge in three broad areas of learning. The first is on developments in modern and contemporary Asia from global and transnational perspectives, where capital, cultures, goods, ideas, people, and technology travel and become influential intra-regionally, inter-regionally, and globally. The second is on cutting-edge and interdisciplinary questions in the history of science, technology, medicine, business, and the environment. And the third is on world history and the histories of particular cultures and societies. In all, the History Programme at NTU aims to generate new understandings of the contemporary and future by producing informed studies of the past through historical research. 

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