Student Exchange

Global Education and Mobility (GEM)

Students will have the opportunity to enrich their undergraduate experience by spending a semester or two abroad in one of more than forty universities around the world. NTU's international exchange and immersion programmes partner with universities in countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Studying and living in a different culture is an invaluable experience that will make students better placed for working or studying abroad after they graduate.

Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

SUSEP enables students to study and experience student life at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Singapore Management University (SMU) or the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) for one semester while pursuing their degree programme at NTU.

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Students exchange 1 Students exchange 1

Chinese (all HC courses except HC9901, HC9902, HC9903 and HC9911) & Translation & Chinese Creative Writing (HT & HF courses)

Asst Prof Yeo Min Hui [email protected]
Chinese Language
(HC9901, HC9902, HC9903 and HC9911 only)
Dr He Xiaoling [email protected]
English (HL courses) & Creative Writing (HZ courses)

Asst Prof Michelle Chiang [email protected]

Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (HG courses)Asst Prof Ivan Panović [email protected]
History (HH courses)Dr Jennifer Cash [email protected]
Philosophy (HY courses)Asst Prof Lim Chong Ming [email protected]
Language and Communication Centre (HW courses)
  • COS
Dr Sujata Kathpalia [email protected]
Dr See Eng Kiat [email protected]
  • COE
Dr Li Shu Yun [email protected]
Dr Benedict Lin [email protected]
  • CoHASS
Dr Alvin Leong [email protected]

Centre for Modern Languages

General Enquiries about Course Matching: [email protected]

Arabic Language (LA courses) Mariyam Bee Binte Abu Bakar [email protected]
French Language (LF courses) Jean Francois Noel Ghesquiere [email protected]
German Language (LG courses) Team of German Coordinators [email protected]
Hindi Language (LH courses) Chen Liandong [email protected]
Italian Language (LI courses) Estelle BechEstelle Bech [email protected]
Japanese Language (LJ courses) Chen Liandong [email protected]
Korean Language (LK courses) Ryoo Hye Jin, Agnes [email protected]
Singapore Sign Language (LL courses) Abel Perez Abad [email protected]
Malay Language (LM courses) Che Raenahani Bte Che Mustafa [email protected]
Russian Language (LR courses) Mariyam Bee Binte Abu Bakar [email protected]
Spanish Language (LS courses)Cristina Gonzalez Ruiz [email protected]
Thai Language (LT courses) Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat [email protected]
Vietnamese Language (LV courses) Ryoo Hye Jin, Agnes [email protected]
Latin Language (LX courses) Narae Jung [email protected]