Minor in Gender and Diversity Studies

The Minor in Gender and Diversity Studies is open to all undergraduate students across the university interested in exploring the concept of gender and diversity through interdisciplinary dialogues.

Students will approach the concept of diversity through discussions that will consider ethnic, national and class identities, disability, or the differently able, and sexualities, such as LGBTQ+ communities and transgendered identities. The courses in this Minor will draw upon historical engagements with gendered identities, constructions of gendered selves in language, the impact of online culture and virtual reality on identity formation, and the representation of gender in literature and literary theory.

Students will have to read 5 courses totaling at least 15 AUs in total for this Minor. There will be a core compulsory course (HQ5010: Introduction to Gender and Diversity), and four other courses from list of courses below.

The compulsory course is designed to provide students with essential knowledge under this Minor in Gender and Diversity (GD) Studies. In lieu of the existing prerequisites, HQ5010 Introduction to Gender and Diversity will serve as a co-requisite to all GD students. Students who have declared their intent to read the Minor will then be able to take GD courses even if they do not have the necessary course-based prerequisites.


Students will read the courses below as Unrestricted Electives (UE).
Students from AY2021 intake and after will read the courses below as Broadening & Deepening Electives (BDE).

Compulsory core course
  •  HQ5010: Introduction to Gender and Diversity

Students can take any four courses from this list:

  • HL2036 Virgins and Vixens
  • HL3012 The Discourse of Love
  • HL3016 Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • HL3024 Contemporary Women's Writing
  • HL3040 Gender and Diversity
  • HL3045 The Poetry of Precarity
  • HL4010 Feminist Studies
  • HC4013 Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Literature
Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
  • HG2018 Neurodiversity & Communicative Disabilities
  • HG2023 Language and Gender
  • HG2024 X-rated Linguistics: Language, Sexuality, and Desire
  • HH2002 Gender in History
  • HH2021 Race, Gender, Class and Colonial Power
  • HH3019 History of the Body
  • HH3041 History of Feminism
  • HY2027 Popular Culture and Philosophy
  • HY3021 Philosophy of Race and Gender
  • HY2025 Medical Ethics (w.e.f. AY2023-24, S1)
  • HS2020 Gender, Race and Technology
  • HS3018 Sociology of Gender
  • HP3201 Evolutionary Psychology
  • HP4243 Intergroup Relations
Communication Studies
  • CS4312 Women in Film & TV Industries
  • CS4321 Digital Inclusion and Disability: Technology, Inclusive Design, and Social Futures​