Second Major in Art History

The Second Major in Art History will offer students an intermediary exposure to methodologies and practices of Art History. Beginning with broad studies of artworks and media from diverse cultural and historical phases, the Second Major will develop deeper capacities for the critical analysis of distinct artistic cultures.

Second Major in Art History Curriculum (AY2021 Intake and Before)


Current Curriculum


2 Core Subjects (6 AUs)

  • DD1003 Introduction to the Histories of Art I: Western Art History
  • DD1004 Introduction to Asian Art Histories 

ADM students who wish to do a 2nd Major in Art History will take HR1001 and HR2001 in replacement of DD1003 and DD1004 (Already taken as Core for ADM students).


9 Prescribed Electives (27 AUs)

Students can take 9 Electives from any category below including inter-major prescribed electives:

  • HR1001 Ways of Seeing: Exploring Visual Culture 
  • HR2001 Introduction to the Histories of Southeast Asian Arts

Category A: Global Art Histories

  • HR2003 The Art and Architecture of the “Long Century” 1789-1914
  • HR2004 Survey of Modern Art 1900-1945
  • HR2008 Faith and Art 
  • HR2011 Global Modernisms: 1850-1950
  • HR3003 From Modern to Post Modern Art 1945-1985
  • HR3004 Art in the Age of Colonialism​ 
  • HR3008 Aesthetic Manifestations of Buddhist Devotion & Practice
  • DD3016 History of Design
  • DF2009 History of World Cinema
  • DP2002 History of Photography
  • DT2007 History of Animation
  • HH1025 World Archaeology
  • HH2125 The World in 12 Objects
  • HH4003 The Silk Road: Old and New
  • HH4125 Colonial Archaeology of Southeast Asia
    Category B: Contemporary Art & Theory

    • HR2002 Issues in Art History & Theory
    • HR2005 Survey of New Media
    • HR3001 Cities, Bodies, Memories: Art and Everyday Life in Contemporary Singapore
    • HR3002 Issues in Global Contemporary
    • DD3012 Methods in Art & Design
    • DF2002 Survey of Experimental Filmmaking
    • DF2006 Ethnographic Film
    • DP2004 The Critical Eye: Seeing and Understanding in Photo Media
    • HH3001 Historiography: Theory and Methods
    • HH4021 Public and Applied History
    Category C: Archaeology, Curatorial, Heritage, and Museum Studies 

    • HR2009 Contemporary Curating 
    • HR2010 Introduction to Museum Studies
    • HR4001 Exhibition Histories: Museums to Biennales
    • DA2004 Exhibition Design
    • DD2013 Visualization of Cultural Heritage
    • DD3027 Maritime Silk Roads: Heritage & Media
    • HH1125 History and Archaeology: An Introduction
    • HH4005 Culture and Heritage: Perspectives from History
    Category D: Asian Art Histories​ 

    • HR2006 Modern & Contemporary Chinese Art
    • HR2007 Contemporary Southeast Asian Art
    • HR3006 The Modern and Modernism in Southeast Asian Art
    • HR3007 Japanese Art: Edo to Contemporary
    • HR3009 19th Century Southeast Asian Art: Interactions and Refractions
    • HR4003 From Colonialism to Tourism: Early Photography in Asia
    • HH2025 The World of Southeast Asia to 1600
    • HH2030 Ascetics and Aesthetics of Medieval Japan
    • HH3023 Burma/Myanmar: A History

    Inter-Major Prescribed Electives

    • HR3005 The Fantastic in Western Visual Arts
    • HR4002 British Art: 1815 – 1929
    • DF2005  Writing for Film
    • HL2007 Contemporary Literature and Culture
    • HL2009 Southeast Asian Literature and Culture 
    • HL2015 War in Literature and Film
    • HL2022 South Asian Literature
    • HL2043 Fantasy Literature
    • HL2044 Introduction to Publishing
    • HL2045 Workshop in Theatre Practice
    • HL3001 Film Theory 
    • HL3003 Film and Literature
    • HL3036 History of the Book
    • HL3038 Theatre of the Absurd
    • HL3042 Gothic Literature 
    • HL3043 Modernist Soundscapes 
    • HL3044 The Legends of King Arthur
    • HL4009 Popular Literature and Culture
    • HL4014 Advanced Studies in Film 
    • HL4024 Advanced Studies in Contemporary Literature
    • HL4040 Literature and Art
    • HL4041 Studies in Art Criticism and Culture
    • HL4042 Being Human in Film and Literature 
    • HH4015 Film: A Global History
    • HS2004 Culture, Self and Identity
    • HS4901 Sociology of the Arts 
    • HY4007 Aesthetics