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Chatbots can help treat symptoms in people with depression
19 December

Tracking the health of 100,000 Singaporeans to identify new ways to prevent diseases

16 December

New Biosafety Level 3 lab joins nation’s fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics
2 December

NTU and Imperial College London strengthen ties with collaborative research hub

30 November

NTU among top 25 in the world and first in Singapore with the biggest number of the most highly cited researchers

15 November

A gift from GGV Capital to aspiring doctors
23 September

National registry launched to fight global severe asthma battle
16 September

Bacteria previously thought harmless linked to worsening lung disease
15 September

New microbiome research centre to tackle obesity and chronic diseases
14 September

Helping BioMedtech start-ups grow through co11aboration and innovation
9 September

The AI will see you now: diagnosing mental disorders intelligently
6 September

Study finds why Alzheimer’s disease females face faster memory decline
16 February

Using wearables to help detect depression
24 January

Don sees AI, robotics transforming healthcare
8 January


NTU and A*STAR scientists discover role of protein in detecting the common cold virus
1 December

23 September 
NTU and A*STAR scientists develop new way to deliver more drugs through the skin 

​4 August

LKCMedicine researchers speed up gold-standard Covid-19 test
27 July 

​NTU Singapore scientists and KKH clinicians develop urine test that identifies pregnancy outcome after threatened miscarriage 
18 June 

Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientists and peers ​​ 
16 April


NTU and LKCMedicine scientists develop contact lens patch to treat eye diseases
19 November

LKCMedicine develops new learning tools for medical students
12 November
LKCMedicine and NHG joint centre ALIVE partners Nanyang Polytechnic to deliver 13th edition of the Singapore Games Creation Competition
5 September
LKCMedicine welcomes sixth cohort in White Coat Ceremony
15 August
LKCMedicine receives $11 million gift for medical research and education
11 August 

LKCMedicine sees first graduates receive their joint MBBS degrees
24 July

LKCMedicine's new population health laboratories to study how Singaporeans can lead healthier lives
18 June

LKCMedicine launches Heritage Centre
22 May

LKCMedicine's first graduates start work
30 April

LKCMedicine organises fair to raise awareness of autism
2 April
LKCMedicine and Changi General Hospital launch graduate diploma in sports medicine
29 March

LKCMedicine launches nationwide initiative to promote lung health
20 March



Medical technology and workforce transformation are focus at inaugural FutureHealth conference
8 November

LKCMedicine collaborates with IBM to develop 'virtual tutor' for future doctors
27 October

Tripartite collaboration boosts palliative care research and education
4 October

LKCMedicine and KAIST scientists uncover new mechanism that causes Parkinson's disease
29 September

LKCMedicine celebrates official opening
29 August

LKCMedicine holds White Coat Ceremony for 5th intake
16 August

Team from Hwa Chong Institution wins inaugural LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge
16 April

LKCMedicine students on the new facilities and their chosen profession
9 April

NTU unveils world-class facilities for medical students
6 March

‘Bite’ from Zika worse for previous dengue victim?
17 February

LKCMedicine expert commentary on turning toxins into drugs
10 February

Actors play patients to train medical students for real-life work
17 January


NTU scientists build new ultrasound device using 3D printing technology
8 December

LKCMedicine joins new co-learning network for healthcare innovation
21 October

LKCMedicne and Duke-NUS scientists discover that choline may treat Rett syndrome
7 October

LKCMedicine scientists discover that natural birth could be key to infant health
7 October

LKCMedicine scientists develop new test kit for rapid detection of inflammation
28 September

NTU partners NHG to deliver better healthcare and fight infectious diseases
24 September

Tackling the Zika virus
5 September

LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs wins National Outstanding Clinician Educator Award
18 August

LKCMedicine’s 1st medical batch leaves its mark with large scale art installation
12 August

LKCMedicine welcomes fourth cohort
9 August

ASEAN healthcare workers learn how to manage epidemics
1 July

NTU upcycles felled trees into sculptures and furniture
​25 June

LKCMedicine experts lead student team in developing cheap, portable lab tools from everyday items
10 June

Lean non-alcoholics too get fatty liver
27 May

New find may help docs in the war on diabetes
27 May

NTU launches two big initiatives to support the silver generation
7 May

NTU scientists improve the effectiveness of antibiotics
31 March


LKCMedicine students pick up medical Malay
27 December

NTU team uses dead bacteria to kill colorectal cancer cells
11 November

NHG, NTU to research disease risk factors unique to Asians
3 October

NTU study shows urbanisation to be behind rise in dengue cases
2 October

NTU launches life sciences cluster and phenome research centre to address healthcare challenges
30 September

NTU continues to attract more top students for medical school
18 August

NTU holds exhibition to showcase humanitarian efforts in Singapore’s medical field
13 August

NTU launches new PhD programme in medicine
6 August

NTU Professor George Chandy: Blood, sweat and toil all part of the job
14 June

NTU co-organises European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) Gold Medallist Symposium 2015
21 May

NTU scientists find new treatment options for colon cancer
3 April

Five NTU professors receive top Nanyang Education Award
14 March

'Hedgehog' genes prick NTU scientist's mind
9 March

NTU students go for team-based learning in special programme
25 February

NTU to set up $30 million institute to boost Singapore’s efforts in tackling health issues
13 February

Foundation stone laid at two new NTU buildings designed for its joint medical school with Imperial College London
10 January


NTU launches book on the history of LKCMedicine headquarters building
16 December

NTU medical school scientist sniffs out clues in Down syndrome
28 September

NTU medical school takes in more students
14 August

New Dean of NTU's joint medical school with Imperial College London
7 July

NTU and TTSH prepare nation for next infectious disease outbreak with new joint course
25 June

NTU's new $30 million initiative will advance tertiary learning
15 May

NTU's medical school headquarters restored to Palladian splendour
3 May

New integrated research strategy by NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
12 February


NTU’s new medical school building named in honour of philanthropist Toh Kian Chui
24 October

First Family Medicine Academy launched at polyclinic
​5 September

NTU Prof Daniela Rhodes, rock star of the science world
1 September

NTU's Lee Kong School of Medicine holds inaugural white coat ceremony for its first batch of 54 students
16 August

NTU's Lee Kong School of Medicine picks 54 from over 800 applicants
4 July

NTU's medical school pioneers use of plastinated bodies for anatomy teaching in Singapore
24 May

Over 800 people applied for NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
30 April

NTU's medical school recruits simulated patients to train communication skills of students
31 March

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine gets new Anatomage Table for virtual dissection
27 March

Upclose with Professor Dermot Kelleher, Dean of Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
12 March

Toh Kian Chui Foundation makes S$20 million gift to Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
25 February

Provost Freddy Boey awarded fellowship from Imperial College London
15 February


NTU's medical school offers rare peek into work of surgeons
29 June

NTU and Imperial College unveils new dual campus for Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
29 May

NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine announces admission requirements
13 March


NTU-invited Imperial College expert talks about paediatric HIV infections and World Aids Day
1 December

New med school going big on simulation
24 November

With more education options such as the NTU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, students are now spoilt for choice
15 September

Creating Dr Right - The Straits Times Special Report on NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
5 March

Putting the patient first in health care
31 January

Patients come first at Singapore’s new medical school
24 January

Where medicine meets engineering
22 January

Lee Foundation gives $150 million gift to NTU’s new medical school
11 January

NTU medical school receives $150 million gift from Lee Foundation
5 January


New medical school by NTU and Imperial College London sets high standards
1 November

Joint Medical School a Win-Win Partnership for NTU and Imperial College London
17 September

NTU to set up new medical school with Imperial College London
2 September

Imperial College to establish medical school in Singapore
1 September

Imperial College plans its first overseas institution
1 September

NTU to set up new medical school: PM Lee Hsien Loong
30 August ​​​​