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About Us

Formed on 28th October 2020, the LKCMedicine EArly Researcher Network, LEARN, is a club for, and run by, the research fellows at LKCMedicine. The goal of LEARN is to create an interactive community among the early career researchers through social and scientific events, professional development workshops and collaborations with other schools of NTU.

As a new initiative by the Office of Research and the Post-doc community, we hope that LEARN can offer our members a more enjoyable and fruitful time at LKCMedicine.

To provide an interactive platform for aspiring early career scientists to put forward vibrant ideas and values to spark the next generation of discoveries in research, medicine, and beyond.

We thank the LKC Research Community for your continued support of LEARN and interest to join our board of directors. We are pleased to announce the new committee members and their appointed roles below. Among them, we have 4 retainers who will serve their 2nd and final term to sustain our growth momentum and ensure leadership renewal. 

Main and Sub Committee FY23/24

  1. Chew Bing Liang Alvin, President
  2. Wee Soon Keong, VP(Industry)
  3. Madhuvanthi Chandrakanthan, VP(Academic)
  4. Ekaterina Sviriaeva, VP(Wellbeing)
  5. Ham Gao Xiang, Co-Chair(Academic)
  6. Alvin Ng Wei Tian, Co-Chair(Academic)
  7. Lee Ee Soo, Co-Chair(Industry)
  8. Chia Xin Wei, Co-Chair(Industry)
  9. Iuna Tsyrulneva, Co-Chair(Wellbeing)
  10. Dayang Nurul Asyiqin Mustafa, Co-Chair(Wellbeing)
  11. Nazira Nasuha Binte Mohammad Nazri(General Secretary)

News and Events

LEARN organises various events to build an interactive community for early career scientists.

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Committee Recruitment

This is a recognised role by the Office of Research with ample personal and career development opportunities. Diverse representation is essential to build critical mass for a more vibrant research culture and help lobby for various improvements.

Indicate your interest via shared link or QR:

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Guide for new research staff

Are you a researcher relocating to LKCMedicine or NTU from overseas? We have put together useful information for you to hit the ground running! Click here to download guide.


Getting around Singapore: The public transport system is efficient and fast, making it convenient to get around. You can travel by train (Metro Rail Transit) or bus with an Adult Stored Value Smartcard (NTU Staff Pass, Bank cards with NETS FlashPay, or EZ-link) that can be purchased at any Transitlink Ticket Office (located at MRT stations or bus interchanges) or convenience store (7-Eleven, Cheers, etc.). Besides train and bus, taxi and private-hire cars through e-hailing are widely available (Grab, Tada, ComfortDelgo, Ryde, etc.).


Searching for a place to stay in Singapore can seem daunting, especially if you are searching for an apartment while stationed overseas. Feel reassured that house hunting in the Lion City is no more difficult or easier than renting in any other major metropolis of a comparable population size anywhere around the world.

If you are a newly arriving faculty or an international student at LKCMedicine / NTU, you are likely eligible for campus housing through the Office of Housing and Auxilliary Services (HAS). Please explore their respective websites (Faculty Housing, Student Housing). Since Research Fellows, Research Associates / Assistants are outside HAS’s purview, this section aims to address the potential concerns that they might face.

Temporary accommodation upon arrival

An incoming LKCMedicine researcher will need to provide an address to the immigration authorities when entering Singapore. Also, LKCMedicine’s HR will ask you for an address, during your orientation day. This address may likely be a temporary residence until you receive your Employment Pass (EP) / Work Pass (WP), a local telephone number and a local bank account. It may take up to 5 business days for your EP/WP to be issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Moreover, since most local banks refrain from opening an account without a physical EPcard, it is worth adding a further 5-7 days for your bank account to be fully functional (debit card, online banking etc). We recommend that you wait for those essential pre-requisites before searching for a long-term accommodation. Therefore, your temporary residence will very likely be your address during your first 2-3 weeks in the city.

Budget hostels and travellers’ hotels in the city are potential temporary residence options to explore. You can book them online on most travel websites. Short term accommodation on NTU campus may be available at the Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC). We suggest that you liaise with your PI or LKCMedicine’s HR regarding the NEC. We do not recommend aggregator sites like Airbnb to search for a short-term rental of less than 6 months. More information can be found here and here.

Long-term accommodation

Once in Singapore and with your EP/WP and bank account open, finding a long-term accommodation is relatively easy. Useful information can be found on several forums, rental sites and listings. Off-campus housing in Singapore can largely be categorized as public (HDB) and private housing (condominiums). Do familiarize yourself with the DOs and DONTs of renting in SG. Please feel free to consult your work or LEARN colleagues ([email protected]) for their inputs regarding details such as location, pricing, commute time, and local practices before you rent.

Tourist attractions

Singapore offers a wide selection of leisure activities and tourist spots ranging from arts, cultural heritage, history, nature, and wildlife.

Eat and Drink

There are many eateries located within and nearby NTU main campus and the Clinical Sciences Building (CSB). Check out this site and this too! On the 16th December 2020, Singapore’s Hawker Culture has been listed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural of Humanity. Hawker centres around Singapore serve a variety of food and drinks, a beautiful display of Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture and heritage through delicious local dishes. There are also many eateries serving local and international halal-certified food. To chill and relax, try going on a café-hopping and bar-hopping bandwagon across neighbourhoods in Singapore.

Places of worship

Being a harmonious multiracial and multi-religious society, Singapore is home to Hindu, Buddhist and Chinese temples, Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques. No matter your religious background, you can find a place of worship in every suburb of Singapore. Here highlights some of the most historically and architecturally rich places of worship. Visiting any of these spots will give you a spiritually soothing experience, whether you are a believer or not!

Do you know about the following benefits?

NTU Corporate Passes

As an NTU staff, you are eligible for corporate passes to several of Singapore’s attractions. This initiative, overseen by the Campus Recreation & Wellness (CReW), and Office of Human Resources (OHR), is aimed at expanding the well-being programmes for employees. The attractions presently include Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari, and the Singapore Flyer. The passes are issued in the form of authorization letters valid for the day of the visit. Each authorization letter allows complimentary admission to the attraction for up to 4 persons, including the employee. Except for Singapore Flyer, which allows complimentary admission for 2 persons, including the employee. Detailed information on this can be found by logging on to NTU’s ServiceNow page with your NTU ID. Once there, simply search for “Attraction admission passes”, and you will be directed to the relevant page.

Medical benefits and insurance schemes

Please refer to “FLEXIBLE BENEFITS SCHEME POLICY” found under ServiceNow for the latest information.

Full-time employees (faculty, research, management, and support staff) are eligible for the institute’s health insurance scheme, which is known as Flexible Benefits programme or FlexBen@NTU. Under the scheme, all employees are covered by a basic level of protection (Core Benefits) and given some degree of flexibility to select preferred benefits (Optional Benefits) using Flex Points/by paying out of pocket.

The benefit year of FlexBen@NTU starts from 1st July of the current year to 30th June of the following year. For new hires, the effective date of coverage starts from the date they joined NTU till 30th June, which is the end of the current benefit year. Unused Flex Points (if any) will be credited into employees’ Flexible Spending Account and paid to you as a one-off cash allowance at the end of the benefit year. This cash allowance is subject to tax and CPF contributions.

Group Medical Outpatient (GMO)

GMO covers eligible or admissible expenses incurred at General Practitioner or Specialist Clinics. You will be issued with individual Aviva eCard which is available at MHC Clinic Network Mobile Application. The Aviva PCP eCard can be used at panel clinics in Singapore where there is a direct billing arrangement with Aviva. You just need to show your Aviva PCP eCard at these panel clinics and pay the co-payment amount. The remaining admissible expenses will be billed directly to Aviva, which in turn will be deducted from your Medical Outpatient Provision. The apps also allows you to locate the panel clinics nearby you.

Group Dental (GD)

• Eligible employees are provided with insurance dental coverage of up to $180 per benefit year.

• Unused benefits will lapse for the benefits year; and will not be carried forward to the following year.

• Dental benefit does not apply to dependents.

Period of FlexBen Selection

Benefits selection is conducted annually before the start of the benefit year, usually from end April to early May. New employees will be receiving the benefits selection email from the University’s appointed administrator, Aon Benefits Administration Team, within 1 month of joining NTU. You will need to complete your benefits selection via the FlexBen@NTU system within the deadline stated in the enrolment email. NO changes can be made after the deadline.

Other information

Apart from GMO and Dental, FlexBen@NTU also offers other coverages, like Group Hospital & Surgical (GHS), Group Term Life (GTL), Group Personal Accident (GPA), and Group Critical Illness (GCI). More information and details about FlexBen@NTU is available here.

Claims are made via

For enquiries, please contact the 24 hour Medical Concierge on 6225 2333 or email [email protected]

FlexBen@NTU Portal and Enrolment Queries

Hotline: +65 3157 3349 and Press 2

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays)

Research operations and core facilities at LKCMedicine

  1. Where are the research facilities available in LKCMedicine?

    LKCMedicine offers a wide range of cutting-edge core facilities to assist researchers, including bio-imaging platform, histology suite, flow cytometry, lipidomics platform, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease investigation centre, and etc.

  2. How can I access the core facilities?

    You need to request for access and attend training session(s). Once trained, you will be allowed to book the requested instrument on the Central Equipment Booking System. The contact details (as of January 2021) for different platforms are as followed:

    Advanced optical bio-imaging platform/microscopy Dr Balakrishnan Kannan ([email protected])
    NTU Optical Bioimaging Centre (NOBIC) Prof Peter Török (
    Stem cell core platform Dr Ng Sean Pin ([email protected])
    Mr Ken Wong ([email protected])
    Ion channel screening platform Dr Ong Seow Theng ([email protected])
    Histology suite Ms Winnie Tay ([email protected]) @ CSB
    Ms Dee Dee Toh ([email protected]) @ EMB
    Genomics platform Dr Ng Sean Pin ([email protected])
    Mr Ken Wong ([email protected])
    Radiation research platform Dr Parasuraman Padmanabhan ([email protected])
    Flow cytometry facility Manisha Cooray ([email protected])
    Lipidomics platform Asst Prof Guan Xueli ([email protected])
    Zebrafish facility Dr Sathivel Ponniah ([email protected])
    Azmi Bin Ja'afar ([email protected])
    Animal Research Facility Esther Wong ([email protected])
    Keh Lee Hwei ([email protected])
    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease investigation centre Assoc Prof Andrew Tan ([email protected])
    Lin Guobin ([email protected])


  3. My work involves animal experimentation. How can I gain access to Animal Research Facility (ARF)?

    To get access to ARF, you must complete the following workflow. Additional information is available here. The contact points are Keh Lee Hwei ([email protected]) and Esther Wong ([email protected])


  4. Are there other services provided?

    Yes, LKCMedicine also provides glassware and lab coat washing services.

    For glassware washing, the facility staffs will collect the glassware at your lab on a weekly basis and send them for washing and autoclaving.

    For lab coat washing, the collection point in EMB is on level 4 (Room #04-02B) and at basement level (Room #B1-15) in CSB.

  5. Who are the contact points for matters related to research operation and core facilities?

Please contact Mr Ken Wong ([email protected]) and Ms Winnie Tay ([email protected]) should you have any queries about research operation and core facilities (as of January 2021).

Code of conduct

NTU and LKCMedicine are committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Hence, we aim to create an environment in which research, teaching and learning is accomplished with openness, honesty, and respect. The University Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to the ethical, professional, and legal standards we use as the basis for our decisions and dealings within and outside the University. We are individually, and collectively responsible for upholding this Code, both on and off the campus.

Useful links

Category Details Links/Emails
Housing Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services
Nanyang Executive Centre
Rental sites and forums
Transportation MRT 
Taxi Taxi 
Tourist attractions Visit Singapore
Places of worship
Local cuisines
Eateries nearby NTU main campus and CSB
CReW and corporate pass
Banking and Finance Banks
Medical benefits and insurance FlexBen@NTU
Research support
Core facilities at LKCMedicine
RASS[email protected]
Code of Conduct University Code of Conduct
Early career researcher matters LKCMedicine EArly Researcher Network (LEARN [email protected] 


Internship “hiring” procedures

In general –

To engage students to do their internship at LKCMedicine, include “student interns and student assistants” for manpower allocation on the EOM to allow you to hire students from both University and Polytechnic. This will increase your student pool. This is handled by RASS.

PDF is from RASS and “can be found on the STAFF shared drive, which is accessible to all LKC Staff (MSO/Research/Faculty) – under folder “Research”. Shared link below:  

Poly internships – 16 to 30 weeks

Two semesters available generally – March to August or October to February

Liaise with relevant school officers to provide projects and apply for students

Plan ahead – 2 months before opening or internship


Links to advertise your projects

  1. Nanyang Poly –
  1. Ngee Ann Poly –
  1. Republic Poly –
  1. Singapore Poly –
  1. Nanyang Technological University – NTU work study scheme,

    For individuals who are not students under a IHL programme (e.g Junior college students, those waiting to enter University or waiting to be enlisted to the army), they do not fall under “interns or assistants” because of insurance policy. They can only be hired as student volunteers, unpaid. If payment is to be made, you would need hire them as a part time/full time staff under HR’s policy. This is handled by HR.


    Disclaimer: Dear visitor, the contents of this page are written and maintained by a group of well-meaning postdoc volunteers, aiming to disseminate useful information to the LKCMedicine Community. We do not aim to promote or dissuade from any of the external links mentioned above. The opinions expressed in the external links are not necessarily the opinions of LEARN, LKCMedicine, and NTU. The content may be changed without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct, timely, current or up-to-date. Therefore, we encourage you to cross-reference with other sources.

    Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] if you notice any mistakes and would like us to rectify.