Creating a vibrant campus community

No two days are alike for students at LKCMedicine, where the pioneering cohorts have plenty of opportunity to create the best student experience. Outside the classroom, our students are busy with a diverse range of activities, from sports to dance, music and games. They also play a key role on governance and administrative committees of the School. Complementing the vast array of activities available at NTU, the School’s Medical Society and House System allow our students to shape an experience unique to the medical school. 

The House System ensures students feel welcome and valued, not just by their fellow House members but by personal House Tutors allocated to each student for guidance and mentorship. The School’s dedicated Student Voice ensures student feedback and suggestions are attended to and any action taken is communicated back to them. 

Our students are also given the chance to link up with Imperial College London through a series of pioneering exchange programmes, which expose them to student life, the learning environment and medical practice at Imperial. Besides these exchanges, our students embark on regular community projects, serving with compassion and dedication to benefit not just patients but the wider society in Singapore and beyond. Under the guidance of our committed faculty, our students have already made an impact in many communities here and in the region.​​