The needs and interests of LKCMedicine students across all year levels of the MBBS Programme will be promoted and represented by the LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society (LKCMedSoc), which forms part of the larger NTUSU. Student engagement and representation is also encouraged on several LKCMedicine governance committees where you have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the LKCMedicine Programme.

Objectives of LKCMedSoc

  • To assist in enhancing the university experience for LKCMedicine undergraduate students undertaking the MBBS degree programme.
  • To represent the interests and needs of LKCMedicine students to the School and the University.
  • To promote and further advance the education of its members in the science and art of medicine.
  • To promote and encourage the interests of students in matters outside the curriculum, especially cultural, social, sporting, professional and welfare interests.
  • To promote and foster close ties within the faculty as well as with other NTU students, Clubs and Societies and to participate in the activities and events of the NTU Student Union as part of the larger NTU student body.
10th LKCMedSoc EXCO

LKCMedSoc Executive Committee AY2023/24

President : Lim Rong
Vice-President (Education) : Marcus Leow 
Vice-President (Wellbeing) : Saac Chung 
Honorary General Secretary : Sia Juling 
Treasurer : Melissa Hock 
Programmes Director : Joel Goh 
Outreach Director : Joy Loke


10th LKCMedSoc M1 House Reps

Year 1 House Representatives

WLT House : Hng Min-Shuen Edward
LBK House : Dev Khurana
Fleming House : Loh Yi Xuan
Curie House : Elyse Huang Jingwen
Osler House : Kumaraguru Hariesh


10th LKCMedSoc M2 House Reps

Year 2 House Representatives

WLT House : Jaden Rabind Charles
LBK House : Chua Li Qi Eleanor
Fleming House : Wee Xiao Qian Alina
Curie House : Sim Li Xuan
Osler House : Ng Shi Ting

10th LKCMedSoc M3 House Reps

Year 3 House Representatives

WLT House : Tan Charmaine
LBK House : Eddie Ong Say Heng
Fleming House : Jang Jun Woo
Curie House : Zachary Allen Vincent
Osler House : Chee Yun Hui, Julia

    10th LKCMedSoc M4 House Reps

    Year 4 House Representatives

    WLT House : Goh Jean Le Caleb
    LBK House : Rajkumar Prabanjini
    Fleming House : Davidson Chee Zun Yin
    Curie House : Toh En Qi
    Osler House : Wu Nianyi


    10th LKCMedSoc M5 House Reps

    Year 5 House Representatives

    WLT House : Ethan Leung Yi Heng
    LBK House : Pang Wen Xuan
    Fleming House : Vijay Vengkat Samynathan C
    Curie House : Natarajan Nachiappan
    Osler House : Ben Chua

    10th LKCMedSoc Year Reps

    Year Level Representatives

    M1 :  Xavier Ong Chong An
    M2 :  Martin Loh Wei-Pin
    M3 : Keng Xin Yi 
    M4 : Goh Jue Shao
    M5 : Wong Hoi Pong, Nicholas 


    10th LKCMedSoc Committee Heads

    LKCMedSoc Sub-Committees

    First Row (L-R)
    Rayhan Rahadian - Research (M4)
    Chew Kuan Yang - Academics (M4)Daryl Tan - Careers (M4)

    Second Row (L-R)
    Chin Hui Fang - Freshman Orientation Programme (M1)
    Jireh Foo - Publicity (M1)Celyn Chng - Dinner and Dance (M1)

    10th LKCMedSoc Committee Heads

    First row (L-R)
    Shaynna Ee - Arts and Culture (M2)
    Luo Ruicheng - Welfare (M2)
    Celest So - Sports (M2)

    Second row (L-R)

    Gideon Lam - Local CIP (M2)
    Lim Jia Yi - International Relations (M2)
    Nathan Choo - Overseas CIP (M2)