Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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The Office of Innovation and Enterprise (OIE) was set up in June 2022 to establish programmes promoting innovation and entrepreneurship at LKCMedicine via initiatives to support faculty in their efforts towards translational research. The Office was under the guidance of Professor Lim Kah Leong in 2022 till Associate Professor Kevin Pethe took on the role of Assistant Dean of Innovation and Enterprise in April 2023.

OIE connects faculty with various academic and private stakeholders to facilitate collaborations and partnerships to create translational opportunities. Furthermore, OIE provides support in IP/Project Strategy Development, Project Management, Market Analysis, etc in the Biotech and Medtech space. 

OIE aims to support and increase translational projects coming out from LKCMedicine, hence increasing licenses to industry/startups, formation of startups, attracting external collaborations and funding opportunities for LKCMedicine.