Student Wellbeing

As an LKCMedicine student, you will study at our dual campus designed to maximise your learning experience. The Novena campus in Mandalay Road and the Yunnan Garden campus in Jurong West have been purpose-designed for the effective delivery of LKCMedicine’s innovative programme, to promote collaborative learning and interaction among staff, complementing teaching and learning that will take place at our partner healthcare sites.

On-Campus Accommodation
All LKCMedicine students are guaranteed accommodation within one of the 18 on-campus Halls of Residence, where you can t​ake part in an enriching array of multicultural Hall activities and develop lifelong relationships with students from various backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and academic disciplines. More information about undergraduate on-campus housing at NTU can be found here.

Support & Counselling Services
In addition to the LKCMedicine House system, the University Wellbeing Office, staffed by qualified counsellors, offers walk-in and by-appointment confidential counselling services for students facing personal challenges. The Office also offers personal development workshops on topics such as time management, managing exams stress and relationships.

Support by House tutors
Peer Helping Programme
Peer support by fellow NTU students is available for students facing personal challenges related to their time in university. Senior student volunteers across NTU are trained by the Student Counselling Centre in skills and knowledge required to assist students who prefer to talk to a peer about such matters.
Health & Wellbeing
An on-campus Medical Centre provides outpatient and minor surgery services. The NTU Healthy Lifestyle Unit organises regular health education and healthy lifestyle programmes for students, as well as health and wellbeing programmes such as the provision of free eye screening. For more information about these services, please click here.

Community Service
Several NTU Student Clubs and Societies provide you with the opportunity to help those who are disadvantaged and to give back to the community, while gaining invaluable life skills, knowledge and cross-cultural awareness.
Student Leadership
You can hone your leadership skills and serve your fellow students by being part of the LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society and the NTU Student Union. Student engagement and representation is encouraged on several LKCMedicine governance committees where as a student, you have the opportunity to give direct feedback on the LKCMedicine programme.
8th MedSoc Exco AY20/21