LKCMedicine welcomes exceptional students who are bright, determined and resourceful individuals from diverse backgrounds and with wide interests. Applicants should demonstrate an understanding of medicine as a career and show a practical concern for others. Selection for entry will be based on academic ability, motivation for study, interest in medicine and the potential to benefit from the experience and to contribute to the programme. 

As the School is set up to train doctors for Singapore and Singaporeans, priority for admission will be given to Singaporeans.

Our goal is to prepare and empower our students for an evolving 21st century healthcare system. We do so by balancing humanism and technology, emphasising the connections between education and the delivery of healthcare. By emphasising patient-centred care and teamwork, scientific rigour, educational and healthcare innovation, LKCMedicine gives students the very best opportunities to develop their aptitudes and professional identity.

Professor Jennifer Cleland, Vice-Dean (Education)

A diverse range of clinical sites is crucial for the training of medical students, including residency training. Apart from adding diversity in teaching and training, this will give our graduating students more options when they decide on their career path.

Professor Pang Weng Sun, Vice-Dean (Clinical Affairs)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

LKCMedicine offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree programme that has an innovative bespoke curriculum designed to meet the healthcare needs of Singapore. It draws extensively from the world-renowned Imperial College London’s medical curriculum and leverages on the strengths of NTU in engineering, biomedical research, humanities and business. Upon successful completion of the five-year programme, you gain a MBBS degree jointly awarded by both universities.

With a pioneering integrated and multi-disciplinary MBBS curriculum taught by a distinguished global faculty, LKCMedicine will be redefining medicine and transforming healthcare.

Graduate programmes

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The LKCMedicine PhD by Research Programme

The LKCMedicine PhD by Research Programme​ admits students from a variety of backgrounds – natural science, medicine, social science and engineering, and exposes them to a range of topics and disciplines such that on completion, graduates will have a deep knowledge and appreciation of b​oth translatable and translational medical research methods.

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The Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (GDSM) programme, developed by LKCMedicine in partnership with the Singapore Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre @ Changi General Hospital (SSMC@CGH), is designed for medical doctors who are interested in extending their qualifications and training in this growing area of need.

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NTU-Exeter Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programme

The University of Exeter (UoE) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore are offering fully funded postgraduate scholarships to undertake collaborative research projects at the two institutions, leading to PhD degrees to be conferred either by the UoE or NTU.

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Short Course

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The Sports Medicine Theory Course (SMTC) is a six-month online non-accreditation programme that is targeted at primary care physicians who would like to have a fundamental understanding of sports medicine. Interest and demand for sports medicine services have grown exponentially due to an increasingly active and ageing population in Singapore and around the world. Besides the prevention and treatment of sports- and exercise-related injuries, sports medicine also involves the prescription of exercise to prevent and manage common chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia and hypertension.