LKCMedicine-Imperial Research Connection

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LKCMedicine-Imperial Research Partnership

LKCMedicine and Imperial College London have been working closely to produce world-class research that aims to redefine medicine and transforming healthcare. To learn more about grant and collaborative opportunities with LKCMedicine, please contact Beh Wei Ling at [email protected] for more details.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) - Imperial Research Collaboration Grant

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) - Imperial Research Collaboration Grant aims to help kick-start early-stage, risky and ‘blue skies’ research ideas that might not otherwise be pursued. The Fund promotes and supports early-stage collaboration among academics, researchers and students at NTU and Imperial by facilitating exchange between participating research groups through provision of grants to cover travel, workshops, meetings, hackathons, networks and other activities to explore research directions. One of the recipients of this Fund is LKCMedicine’s Professor Josip Car.

Details of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) - Imperial Research Collaboration Grant:

LKCMedicine Faculty: Prof Josip Car
Project Title: Developing an Imperial NTU Diabetes Artificial Intelligence Network
Collaborators: Dr Pantelis Georgiou and Professor Nick Oliver

LKCMedicine-Imperial College London Collaboration Fund

The LKCMedicine-Imperial College London Collaboration Fund aims to deepen the strategic collaboration between the two institutions through supporting three Postdoctoral fellows from LKCMedicine to Imperial College London for half a year, and three postdoctoral fellows from Imperial College London to LKCMedicine for half a year to participate in joint research activities at hosting institution. 

It also includes funding for faculty to travel over to Imperial College London to participate in research seminars, discussions with collaborators, and meetings with key option leaders in their fields of study.

Details on LKCMedicine – Imperial Collaborative Projects in Infectious Disease:

LKCMedicine Faculty: Assoc Prof Yeo Tsin Wen
Project Title: Therapeutic targeting of the endothelial glycocalyx in severe malaria
Collaborators: Dr Aubrey Cunnington and Dr Adrian Najer

LKCMedicine Dean's Postdoctoral Fellows

The LKCMedicine Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellows advance the School’s strategic research partnership with Imperial College London through the conduct of complementary and collaborative research at LKCMedicine in Singapore.

 LKCMedicine Dean’s Postdoctoral FellowsLKCMedicine Faculty MentorImperial College Mentor
1Lena LimProf Balazs Gulyas 
2Li Fen FangProf George AugustineProf Thomas Knopfel
3Louisa LokAsst Prof Sanjay ChotirmallProf Sebastian Johnston
4Harshyaa MakhijaAssoc Prof Yen ChooProf Molly Stevens
5Giuseppe D’AgostinoAsst Prof Sarah LangleyDr Nathan Skene
6Chih Hung LoAsst Prof Anna BarronProf Richard Reynolds

LKCMedicine – Imperial Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

LKCMedicine and Imperial College London launched the LKCMedicine – Imperial Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme to develop promising young researchers to conduct cutting-edge research that is aligned with LKCMedicine’s research strategy as well as harnessing the expertise of Imperial’s research faculty in furthering collaborative and interdisciplinary research. 

 Imperial-LKCMedicine Postdoctoral FellowLKCMedicine Faculty MentorImperial College Mentor
1Dr Tan Hwei EeProf George AugustineProf Marc-Emmanuel Dumas
2Dr Oliver MeldrumAsst Prof Sanjay ChotirmallProf Wisia Wedzicha

Past Events

On 18 November 2020, LKCMedicine hosted a joint Neurodegeneration/Dementia workshop with Imperial College London, co-organised by LKCMedicine Professor of Neuroscience & Mental Health George Augustine and Imperial Professor of Cellular Neurobiology Professor Richard Reynolds, who is also the Director of Brain Bank Singapore. The virtual event was attended by researchers in both the UK and Singapore and after an introduction by Prof Reynolds, Imperial Faculty of Medicine Dean Professor Jonathan Weber and LKCMedicine Dean Professor James Best followed with their opening remarks. Imperial Brain Sciences department head Professor Paul Matthews and Prof Augustine then gave a short presentation on Neurodegeneration research at both institutions. 

 The event consisted of three sharing sessions which covered the role of genomics, environmental modifiers, molecular mechanisms & synapses, and featured presentations from LKCMedicine’s research faculty and a roundtable discussion, “Developing collaborations to enhance research potential across Imperial-LKCMedicine”, moderated by LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Research Professor Lim Kah Leong and Imperial Brain Sciences department Advanced Research Fellow Dr Johanna Jackson.

On 21 May 2020, LKCMedicine and Imperial College London (Imperial) in partnership with National Healthcare Group (NHG) and National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) convened for a workshop to exchange notes on activities of their respective institution with regard to research and clinical management of COVID-19.The workshop was organised and co-chaired by LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Research Professor Lim Kah Leong together with Imperial’s Chair of Immunology of the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Infectious Disease, Professor Charles Bangham. 

Attended by about 150 participants from Imperial and LKCMedicine, the programme kicked off with a special opening lecture by Executive Director of NCID, Professor Leo Yee Sin titled “COVID-19 – Singapore’s Perspective”. This was followed by the first session of the workshop with rapid-fire presentations by both Imperial and LKCMedicine faculty who are involved in COVID-19 research. The second session of the programme is a roundtable discussion moderated by Prof Bangham and Prof Lim with inputs and thoughts from Prof Leo, and LKCMedicine and Imperial panellists while fielding questions from workshop participants.