PHET (Matric Yr 2023)

BSc in Applied Physics
with Second Major in Entrepreneurship

Curriculum (Matriculation Year 2023)

Curriculum Overview

Course TypeAcademic Units (AU)
Option with FYPOption without FYP
Core Courses61 61

Prescribed Electives for Applied Physics

Students must take at least 3 AU of PH4XXXX course from the Prescribed Electives courses.



Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core: Common Core1717
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core: Foundational Core1515

Broadening and Deepening Electives (BDE)

Second Major Courses

Unrestricted BDEs: Can take BDEs offered by any School.










136 AU136 AU


  • Students must read either Professional Internship (PH4420​) or a 20-week Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) to fulfill the ICC-FC requirement.
  • A grade of A- or better in the Final Year Project is required to be eligible for Honours (Highest Distinction).
  • All common core and graduate level courses cannot be mapped to exchange courses. PH4XXX courses can only be mapped to exchange courses as BDE, unless the exchange course is a graduate-level course. Please refer to this page for more information.

Core Courses

Year 1
PH1104 - Mechanics3 AUSem 1
PH1105 - Optics, Vibrations and Waves3 AUSem 1
PH1198 - Physics Lab Ia2 AUSem 1
MH1802 - Calculus for the Sciences4 AUSem 1
HW0001 - Introduction to Academic Communication
(For students who have not passed or been exempted from the Qualifying English Test)
0 AUSem 1
PH1106 - Electricity and Magnetism3 AUSem 2
PH1199 - Physics Lab Ib2 AUSem 2
MH1803 - Calculus for Physics4 AUSem 2
Year 2
PH1107 - Relativity and Quantum Physics3 AUSem 1
PH2103 - Thermal Physics4 AUSem 1
PH2198 - Physics Lab IIa2 AUSem 1
MH2802 - Linear Algebra for Scientists3 AUSem 1
PS0001 - Introduction to Computational Thinking3 AUSem 1
PH2101 - Quantum Mechanics I3 AUSem 2
PH2199 - Physics Lab IIb2 AUSem 2
MH2801 - Complex Methods for the Sciences3 AUSem 2
PS0002 - Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence3 AUSem 2
Year 3
PH2102 - Electromagnetism
4 AU
Sem 1
PH2104 - Analytical Mechanics4 AUSem 1
PH3101 - Quantum Mechanics II4 AUSem 1
PH3103 - Technological Applications of Quantum Mechanics3 AUSem 1
PH3199 - Physics Lab IIIa2 AUSem 2

Prescribed Electives for Major in Applied Physics

Semester 1
PH3301 - Introduction to Bioimaging and Biosensing Techniques3 AU
PH3403 – Astrophysics and Cosmology4 AU
PH3404 - Physics of Classical and Quantum Information3 AU
PH3601 - Fabrication of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices4 AU
PH3602 - Photonics4 AU
PH4403 - Surfaces and Interfaces4 AU
PH4408 - Nuclear Physics3 AU
PH4411 - Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics3 AU
PH4414 - Introduction to Spintronics4 AU
PH4607 - Biomedical Imaging and Sensing3 AU
PH7002 - Concepts in Statistical Mechanics4 AU
PH7003 - Graduate Solid State Physics4 AU
PH7006 - Classical Electrodynamics4 AU
PH7011 - Nonlinear Dynamics4 AU
PH7014 - Optical Spectroscopic Techniques4 AU
PH7027 - Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy4 AU
Semester 2
PH3401 - Atomic Physics4 AU
PH3406 - Open Quantum Systems4 AU
PH3407 - Introduction to Plasma Physics3 AU
PH3408 - Signal and Noise in Biology3 AU
PH3603 - Biophysics3 AU
PH4404 - Nanoscale Physics3 AU
PH4409 - Quantum Electronics4 AU
PH4418 - Physics in the Indsutry4 AU
PH4601 - Physics of Semiconductor and Spintronics Devices4 AU
PH4603 - Soft Condensed Matter Physics3 AU
PH4605 - Medical Physics for Radiotherapy4 AU
PH4608 - Plasmonics and Metamaterials3 AU
PH7013 - Advanced Numerical Methods for Physicists4 AU
PH7015 - Advanced Optics4 AU
PH7021 - Quantum Information4 AU
PH7024 - Graduate Quantum Mechanics4 AU
Semester 1 & 2
PH4421 - Final Year Project10 AU
PH4604 - Topics in Applied Physics3 AU
PH4609 - Topics in Applied Physics II3 AU

Second Major Courses

Required Second Major Courses

ET5211 - Entrepreneurial Mindset and Technology Innovation
3 AU
ET5212 - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 
3 AU
ET5213 - Managing New Venture
3 AU
ET5214 - Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures 3 AU

Course details can be found here.

Elective Second Major Courses

Choose at least 13 AU from the following list. Course details can be found here.

ET5134 - Enterprise Strategy3 AU
ET5122 - E-Startups & Social Media Strategies
3 AU
BU8503 - Innovation Marketing3 AU
BU5302 - Law of Intellectual Property & New Media3 AU
ET5135 - Business Venture Implementation3 AU
ET5215 - Entrepreneurial Business Development3 AU
ET5216 - Venture Capital Investment and Practices4 AU
ET5217 - Design and Systems Thinking for Entrepreneurs 4 AU
ET5218 - Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies3 AU
AB0603 - Social Entrepreneurship3 AU

Broadening & Deepening Electives

Beyond the Second Major courses, students may read any Broadening & Deepening Electives (BDEs) offered by any School in NTU. The following physics-specific BDE may be read by interested students:

Semester 1
PH2901 - Electronics for the Experimentalist3 AU