Peer Tutoring

The SPMS Learning Centre is a peer tutoring service for SPMS undergraduate coursework. The courses covered are mainly Year 1 and 2 core courses, but help with higher-level courses may also be available on an ad-hoc basis. The service is available to SPMS students as well as engineering students who are taking SPMS courses.

The SPMS Learning Centre runs from Week 4 of each semester till Revision Week. To use it, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Look for the peer tutor(s) who can cover the course you need help with.
  2. Check for availability using the calendar links below.
  3. Email the tutor and fix a date, time, and venue. SPMS TR+16 is usually available for this, but you can also meet the tutor online or at any other suitable venue.
  4. Meet the tutor!

For all inquiries, including finding tutors for coursework not listed below, email the SPMS Student Welfare team.

Chemistry Peer Tutors

NameI can help with:
MH1802, MH1804, CM1051, CM2031, CM2041
Christopher Kevin WijayaMH1804, CM1041, CM2021, CM2031, CM2041, CM3021, CM3031, CM3041, CM4033
Glen Goh Wee ZhuanMH1802, CM9001, MH1804, CM2021, CM2031, CM2041, CM3011, CM3021, CM3031, CM3041
Justin Mah Jian QiangCM1041, CM1051, CM2011, CM2021, CM2031, CM2041, CM2061, CM2062, CM3011, CM3021, CM4021
Lee Jinn-KyeCM1041, MH1804, CM2061, CM2062, CM2021, CM2041, CM3021, CM3031, CM3041, CM3061, CM3063
Lim Pei ChongCM2011, CM2031, CM2041, MH1802, MH1804


Math Peer Tutors

NameI can help with:
MH1101, MH1201, MH1301, MH1403, PS0002, MH3110, MH3701
Keefe ChanMH1101, MH1201, MH1301, MH1812, MH1403, MH3110, MH3500, MH3100
Lau Wei Teck VincentMH1101, MH1301, MH8300
Liew Yi HongMH1804, MH1101, MH1301, MH3100, MH3700
Loo Dong LinMH1810, MH1811, MH8300, MH1201, MH1403, MH3100, MH3200
Lucas LawrenceMH1810, MH1811, MH1403, MH1201, MH1301, MH3100, MH3200, MH4310
Teh Yu XuanMH1101, MH1201, MH1301, MH8300, MH9101


Physics Peer Tutors

NameI can help with:
Biswas Riddhi
PH1106, MH1803, MH2802, PH1199
Chai Siao YangPH1106, PH1107, MH1803, MH2802, PS0002, PH2101, PH2102
Dyah Ayu Nurun NafisahPH1106, PH1107, PH1199, MH8300, MH1803, MH2802
Gupta ChaitanyaPH1106, PH1107, MH1803, MH2802, PH2101, PH2102
Wong Cheng YiPH1106, PH1107, MH1803, MH2802, PH1199



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