Student Welfare

Student Care

The SPMS Student Welfare team has dedicated counselors available to offer a listening ear and assistance for students having academic, financial, or personal problems. Our team also works to raise awareness about student well-being issues, and to provide a feedback channel from students to the school and university.

If you are having difficulties, come talk to us – we can help! There are many options out there, from altering your study plans to taking a leave of absence, and we can assist you in choosing the best course of action. We help students dealing with a wide assortment of problems, such as financial difficulties, personal or family troubles, not passing certain courses, having to take leave of absence, feelings of being "stuck", delays in graduation, etc.

To fix an appointment to speak with us, send an email to [email protected].

Academic Mentoring

Each incoming undergraduate is assigned an academic mentor—a faculty member in the student's division. Freshmen will get to meet their academic mentor during orientation week. The academic mentor provides a link between the student and the School, and can provide the following help:

  • The mentor can provide information about university life: how teaching is done, what is expected in tutorials and examinations, who to seek help from, how to study, how to get the most out of course of study, etc.
  • In various matters, the mentor can serve as an intermediary between the student mentee and relevant school or university representatives (e.g., tutors, course coordinators, the Associate Chair of Academic Affairs, etc.).

Students should regard their academic mentors as a resource that is available to help them adapt to university life, provide guidance in academic pursuits, and to gain rapport with the faculty and staff. The Academic Mentoring Scheme complements other student welfare services, including the SPMS student care managers, hall fellows, and the professional counsellors at the University Wellbeing Centre (UWC).

Students can check their mentoring assignments on their Student Link.