Career Prospects

Physics and Applied Physics graduates are equipped with a flexible skill-set allowing them to formulate models and test them against data, use cutting-edge technical equipment, and combine experimental and theoretical methods to tackle open-ended problems. They are thus suitable for a broad range of fulfilling jobs throughout the economy.

The jobs found by our graduates are summarized below, based on the Graduate Employment Survey sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE):

23%Engineering, Manufacturing, and Product Design
20%Scientific Research and other R&D
14%Management, Operations, Human Resources (HR), and Sales
11%Software Development
8%Education (primary and secondary school, junior college, and technical institutes)
6%Government (ministries, statutory boards, armed forces, and police)
I learnt many valuable skills in and outside of Physics, and had the opportunity to complete a semester abroad at the University of Toronto and to do an Overseas FYP at the High Energy Physics group in University College London. The experience gave me a leg up in transitioning into my current career as a data scientist in London.”

Q​uek​ ​Chai​ ​Shan
BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics, Class of 2018
Data Scientist, Tessian