The School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) is a school in NTU's College of Science. We consist of three divisions: Chemistry & Biological Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics & Applied Physics. Our collective mission is to forge a world-class centre of scientific education and research.

Our faculty members are world-renowned scientific experts who have won national and international awards. Many are experts in more than one scientific domain; we have chemists creating new materials, mathematicians designing algorithms used in computer science, physicists studying the dynamics of financial markets, and more.

We aim to provide our students with a future-oriented education, combining scientific knowledge with soft skills such as communication and critical thinking. In the coming decades, Singapore (and the rest of the world) will grapple with many complex issues, from climate change to the economic disruptions caused by new technology. Our students must possess not only technical expertise but also the nimbleness of mind to explore new fields. We work hard to ensure that they have the training and opportunities they need, through initiatives ranging from networking events with alumni to our Co-Operative Education Programme, which allows students to undertake structured internships with participating companies.

I invite you to visit the wonderful ecosystem of research and education in SPMS.

Professor Tan Choon Hong
Chair, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
NTU Singapore

Management and Administrative Team


Chair, Associate and Assistant Chairs, and other faculty appointments

Chair's Office

Chair and PA • Human Resources • Finance and Procurement

Division Heads

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Safety • IT infrastructure and equipment • Facilities

Divisional Teaching, Technical, and Admin Staff

Chemistry & Biological ChemistryMathematical SciencesPhysics & Applied Physics


The awards that have been won by our faculty, students, and staff.

Endowments and Prizes

The following endowment funds and prizes have been established by various philanthropic and scholarly individuals and organisations, for the benefit of our students. The School is deeply grateful to the donors for their generosity.

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