There's more to life than just studying! As an SPMS student, you have numerous opportunities to enrich your university experience by participating in activities organised by the SPMS Club or Graduate Student Club, including festival celebrations, sporting events, and community events. Incoming freshmen can take part in an Orientation and Transition programme packed with exciting games and activities.

Throughout your time at SPMS, our Student Welfare team is working to ensure that you have all the help you need, both inside and outside the classroom, including counselling and mentoring services. We help organise a peer tutoring service for students who need assistance with their coursework. We also provide extensive career planning support, including coaching services, to help you gain an advantage in starting your career after graduation.


I met some of my closest NTU buddies through student activities organised by SPMS. School activities provide the perfect platform for anyone wanting to explore new things and have fun before we embark into the working world. Enrich your student life and enjoy the ride - you won't regret it!”

Dervin Rochi
BSc in Physics, Class of 2022
SPMS Club President, 2020–2021