Orientation and Transition

SPMS Hello Day

SPMS's official orientation day, SPMS Hello Day, is organised by the School and includes the following:

  • Welcome talks by Chair and Associate Chairs
  • Division talks about the programme curricula
  • Sharing sessions by seniors
  • Briefings on university life

Integrated within the official orientation programme are two student-led orientation programmes, O'Week and SuPreMeS. All freshmen are required to sign up for either O’Week or SuPreMeS. Please look through the information below to decide which programme is more suitable for you.

Freshmen are encouraged to commit fully to the orientation programme they sign up for. Those who do not sign up will be randomly assigned to an orientation group. All freshmen will be assigned an orientation group leader, who will be their buddy for the first semester.

For questions or assistance regarding orientation, send an email to spms-sw@ntu.edu.sg.

The O'Week orientation programme has a shorter schedule, and focuses on basic orientation within the school campus. Freshmen are grouped according to division (chemistry, mathematics, or physics).

To learn more, or to join the working committee, email spmsclub-oweek@e.ntu.edu.sg.

Oweek poster (9 Jun 2020)

O'Week - Galaxias

Galaxias, the Greek word for galaxy, refers to a huge collection of stars and their solar systems. This is representative of SPMS, which is made up of many unique and talented freshmen coming together and shining brighter as one.

Just like gravity, the bonds formed will never disappear no matter how far they go, lasting long after the orientation week.

Find them at:

For enquiry, please email spmsclub-oweek@e.ntu.edu.sg

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The SuPreMeS orientation programme has a longer schedule. Freshmen are grouped across divisions, and activities are more challenging and intense. Some orientation activities may take place around Singapore, outside the NTU campus. Students are also expected to stay overnight.

To learn more or to join the working committee, email spmsclub-orientation@e.ntu.edu.sg.

Supremes poster (1 jul)

SuPreMeS – Villains: Not for the Faint-hearted

Entering SPMS this year as a freshman? Want to make friends across divisions? Join the SuPreMeS family for an eventful 2 days of virtual orientation activities and stay for the friendships forged in our tight knitted community. Check out our landing page for any updates and our Facebook page from the previous years to know what you can expect!

Find them at:

For enquiry, please email spmsclub-orientation@e.ntu.edu.sg

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