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SPMS Freshmen Orientation Programme 2023

The SPMS Freshmen Orientation Programme is jointly organised by the SPMS office and the SPMS Club orientation committee.

It refers to the entire week of orientation-related activities such as welcome talks, briefings, collection of matriculation card, as well as student-led bonding activities.

SPMS Freshmen Orientation Programme has a myriad of activities created with the aim to aid in the transition of freshmen into a new phase of their life. Arcanum, SPMS Orientation, is one such activity that incoming freshmen can sign up for as part of their freshmen experience.

More about Arcanum: Come explore Arcanum, where you can discover the exciting and unknown mysteries of SPMS Orientation, and gain endless fun and magical experiences. The King of Monsters is the theme for orientation this year, whereby the different houses compete to be the best. Do you have what it takes to embark on this journey?

Wait no longer and join us now.

All SPMS freshmen will need to register and indicate your T-Shirt size by 25 July.

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7 Aug 2023 - SPMS Hello Day!

8.30am - 9.30amArcanum Opening CeremonyLT 26 (South Spine)
9.30am - 10.45am SPMS Welcome TalksLT 26 (South Spine)
10.45am - 11.30amDivision Briefings

Math Programmes: LT 26

Physics Programmes: SPMS LT 1

11.30am - 12.30pmHello Mentor Session (includes lunch)Respective tutorial rooms
1.00pm - 2.30pmNTU University Welcome CeremonyNanyang Auditorium
3.00pm - 5.00pmCollection of Matric Card / OG TimeSPMS 

8, 10, 11 Aug 2023 - Arcanum (Student Bonding)


Arcanum activities (in-person)

For freshmen who signed up for Arcanum

On campus

Note: There are no activities on 9 Aug 2023 (public holiday).


SPMS Hello Day - 7 Aug 2023

SPMS's official orientation day, SPMS Hello Day, is organised by the School office and includes the following talks:

  • Welcome talks by School leaders
  • Division talks about the programme curricula
  • Briefings on university life
  • Meeting House Mentors

All freshmen are encouraged to attend SPMS Hello Day. 


Arcanum - 8, 10, 11 Aug 2023

Arcanum is SPMS's student-led orientation programme. Student leaders, also called OGLs (Orientation Group Leaders), will lead freshies in bonding activities on campus throughout this period. Bonds stay strong and usually last for your entire student life with NTU. All freshmen are encouraged to attend Arcanum to have the best student experience!

Freshmen who attend Arcanum will have to pay a registration fee of $10. This amount goes solely towards meals and T-shirts.


House System

Check out which House you belong to! All SPMS freshmen will be assigned to OGs, which belong to respective Houses.


Important note for all SPMS freshmen:

  • Freshmen who do not attend Arcanum do not have make any payment, but will still be assigned to Orientation Groups for ease of transiting towards the House System and for meeting of House Mentors.
  • Meeting of House Mentors on 7 Aug 2023 will be by orientation groups (OGs) so do make sure you are aware which OG or House you are in!
  • Student leaders (OGLs) or House Captains will attempt to contact all SPMS freshmen, especially those who did not sign up for Arcanum, to make sure that you are aware of what to do for orientation on 7 Aug, as well as when you start school. So do check your emails.
  • When Teaching Week 1 starts, House Captains and/or House Reps will do a welfare check on all freshmen in their respective houses. Please do respond and let the School know if you need any help in transition and adjustment. 


Bookmark this page for more updates on the actual schedule!

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