Orientation and Transition

SPMS Hello Day

SPMS's official orientation day, SPMS Hello Day, is organised by the School office and includes the following talks:

  • Welcome talks by Chair and Associate Chairs
  • Division talks about the program curricula
  • Briefings on university life

Integrated within the official orientation program are two student-led orientation programmes, O'Week and SuPreMeS. Freshmen are only required to sign up for either O’Week or SuPreMeS. Freshmen are encouraged to commit fully to the orientation programme they sign up for.

The orientation groups (OGs) will be merged into Houses at the end of the orientation period. There are four Houses in SPMS, each overseen by a House Leader (a faculty member) and a House Captain (a student leader). Freshmen who do not sign up for any orientation programme will be assigned to a House.

Please click here for more information on the SPMS Houses.

For questions or assistance regarding orientation, please email spms-sw@ntu.edu.sg.

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2 Aug 2022 - SPMS Hello Day!

10.00am - 11.00amUniversity Welcome CeremonyNanyang Auditorium
11.00am - 12.45pmLunch (not provided) 
12.45pm - 2.15pmSPMS Welcome TalksSPMS LT 1
2.30pm - 3.30pmDivision BriefingsMath Programmes: SPMS LT 1
Physics Programmes: SPMS LT 2
4.00pm - 6.00pmO'Week activitiesVarious
4.00pm - 7.00pmSuPreMeS activitiesVarious


3 Aug 2022 - SuPreMeS and O'Week (Student Programmes)

9.30am - 6.00pmO'Week activities (in-person)On campus
9.00am - 8.30pmSuPreMeS activities (in-person)On campus


4 Aug 2022 - SuPreMeS and O'Week (Student Programmes)

9.30am - 8.00pmO'Week activities (in-person)On campus
9.00am - 8.30pmSuPreMeS activities (in-person)On campus


5 Aug 2022 - SPMS House Orientation

9.30am - 12.00pmMatric card collection (SPMS students)SPMS Atrium (level 3)
10.00am - 11.30amHouse Orientation (Part 1)Various SPMS LTs
11.30am - 12.30pmHello Mentor + LunchSPMS TRs
12.30pm - 5.00pmHouse Orientation (Part 2)Various venues in SPMS


Student-Led Orientation Programmes

The O'Week orientation programme has a shorter schedule, and focuses on basic orientation within the school campus. Orientation groups (OGs) are grouped by programmes ie. freshmen will expect fellow OG-mates to be from the same programme eg. all Physics OG. 

To learn more, or to join the working committee, email spmsclub-oweek@e.ntu.edu.sg.

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O’Week is an orientation programme to help SPMS freshmen acclimatize to life in NTU. Through O’Week, freshmen will be able to bond and make new friends through fun and engaging activities. We hope to provide the freshmen with the necessary peer support so that they can fully enjoy their time in NTU. Do look forward to this year's orientation as we have some exciting activities lined up just for you!

Do visit our Instagram (@spms_oweek) or Facebook (SPMS O' Week) to find out more.

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The SuPreMeS orientation programme has a slightly longer schedule. Freshmen are grouped across programmes (each OG has a mix of students from Physics, Math and Chemistry), and activities are more challenging and intense. This is the programme for you if you are looking for deep bonds through lots of fun and play. Before 2020, some of SuPreMeS's orientation activities take place around Singapore and outside the NTU campus.

To learn more or to join the working committee, email spmsclub-orientation@e.ntu.edu.sg.

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SuPreMeS – Camp Serai

Step into the world of Ayakashi with SuPreMeS programme happening from 2-5th August 2022. The SPMS underworld is in shambles and we need your help to defeat the deadly demons roaming around. Are you up for the challenge? Join us on this journey as we step forth on an adventure of a lifetime. Direct your queries to our Chairperson, Yong Hong (@ohaiyoo) or Vice-Chairpersons, Freddy (@oohkydderf) and Lee Ti (@leetits) on telegram.

For enquiry, please email spmsclub-orientation@e.ntu.edu.sg

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