Alumni Mentoring Programme

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The SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme helps connect SPMS students to SPMS alumni mentors, who can offer advice about careers and life options after graduation, insights into industries of interest, and other forms of guidance.

An initiative of the SPMS Alumni Association, the SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme will be conducted annually, aiming to foster lasting mentor-mentee relationships that are mutually beneficial for all parties.

Note for Chemistry Students: Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (CBC) students, whether enrolled in the Single Major or Second/Double Major programmes, are eligible to sign up for the SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme, even after the move from SPMS to the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biotechnology (CCEB). There are SPMS CBC alumni available as mentors.

Why Join the SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme?

The SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme offers a chance to reconnect with SPMS and pay it forward, by offering advice and guidance to your juniors. Think about how much you had to learn about navigating the working world after graduation; here's your chance to help others prepare for that transition!

During each round of the Alumni Mentoring Programme, you will get to build up individualized mentoring relationships with up to two mentees, renewable yearly. Every mentor will be offered free mentoring training, including free personality test results and mentoring certification.

Through the process of mentoring, you will be able to improve your communication skills, increase your self-confidence, and hone your ability to listen and deliver useful feedback. You may even learn some new things from your mentees!

The SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme will assign you an alumni mentor who is a few steps ahead of you in life, who will be a useful source of advice, tips, and networking. You will get to meet your mentor several times over the course of the academic year. Through the mentor-mentee relationship, you will learn about how to ask good questions, goal setting, and other important life skills.

Programme Structure

The SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme will be conducted yearly. Participants from previous years (both mentors and mentees) will be invited to rejoin, and new participants will also be welcome.

Mentor Recruitment will take place from May to June. Registration will take place online, followed by online interviews. After the interview results, mentors will be invited to a Meet and Greet session for mentors, a one-day mentor training workshop, and a Meet and Greet session with the assigned mentees in late August or early September.

Mentee Registration will take place from July to August. All current SPMS undergraduate students, as well as CCEB undergraduates enrolled in a Chemistry and Biological Chemistry programme, are eligible. Mentees accepted into the programme will be invited to a Meet and Greet session with the mentors in late August or early September.

Mentor-Mentee meetups will take place over the course of the academic year, from August to around March. The frequency of the meetups will be up to the mentors and mentees. The SPMS Alumni Association may also hold periodic gatherings for the mentors and mentees.

Programme Calendar for Academic Year 24/25

Mentor Recruitment and Training

3 Jun to 14 Jun 2024
Mentor Recruitment
15 Jun to 27 Jun 2024
Online Interview
1 Jul 2024
Mentor Application Results

20 Jul 2024 (Sat) and 21 Jul 2024 (Sun) 


Mentor Training
Venue : Drama Centre Function Room 2, National Library, 100 Victoria St, #03-01, S(188064)
All mentors must attend either session. Compulsory.

Mentee Recruitment and Assignment

1 Jul to 31 Jul 2024Mentee Recruitment
12 Aug 2024
Mentee Application Results and pairing results
5 Sep 2024 (Wed)Meet & Greet for Mentees and Mentors
Venue : SPMS, 21 Nanyang Link, MAS Atrium, Singapore 637371
21 Dec 2024 (Sat)

A fun-filled Mentor-Mentee Meet-up

Venue: To be confirmed

Aug 2024 to Mar 2025SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme AY24/25
17 May 2025 (Sat)

SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme AY24/25 Appreciation Dinner

Venue: To be confirmed

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the duration of the Alumni Mentoring Programme?
    The programme will take place from August to March each year (roughly coinciding with the NTU Academic calendar).
  2. How will mentor-mentee matching be done?
    Matches will be based on the interests indicated by the Mentors and Mentees during registration, personality test results, and interviews.
  3. How many mentees are there per mentor?
    Each Mentor will be assigned either one or two Mentees, and no more.
  4. As a Mentor, can I continue mentoring my mentee after the programme ends?
    Yes, Mentors are encouraged to keep in contact with their Mentees even after each year's Alumni Mentoring Programme ends, as long as both sides are agreeable. You can continue informally, or sign up again for the programme next year.

Contact Information

For questions about the SPMS Alumni Mentoring Programme, please email the SPMS Alumni Association at [email protected].

For general inquiries about SPMS alumni events and programmes, please email [email protected].